New Comments Policy @ SFN

To begin with, please read this entry.

SFN’s primary goal is NOT to generate as many “clicks” and “hits” as we possibly can for our blog. Our focus is genuinely aimed at creating an archive/history of high-quality entries in hopes of building a highly-respected community that we don’t think exists in many/any other fanbases.

Therefore, we’ve decided to tighten some parameters that we had already instilled here after receiving some much appreciated feedback from friends whose opinions we value very much. With this said, we wanted to share that in the future we are going to be ridiculously strict on the comments section of this blog. So, if you aren’t sharing something valuable, please don’t waste your time.

Our comments section is designed to drive great conversations, share insightful comments/analysis/perspective, and serve as a place to archive information about the topic at hand. Our comments section is NOT designed to be an echo chamber for random, faceless folks from the internet to chime in with their preferences for a basketball coach (or whatever the hot topic of the day may be).

Every entity has a mission, a goal. SFN’s mission is to be a blog, not a message board community (which is what this seems to have turned into). There are plenty of message boards (aka “idiot boards”) for folks to join if that is what they are looking for, but that is not what we are looking to become.

Our popularity has soared in the last year because of the quality of the work of our authors and the quality of some of the our community members. Our popularity has not soared because of what “MrXWolf” thinks about another poster or about what/why we choose to post an entry on our blog. Most of the world doesn’t care what MrXWolf thinks, and we are tired of those types of comments diluting our site.

In conjunction with this, we are going to open an “open discussion” entry some days as a free-flowing forum for discussion and where items that arise during the day can be discussed without much moderation at all. Hopefully this can keep the entries how we want them while the site also reaps the benefit of the power of our large readership and over 1,000 registered members.

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