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Yea, I know what they say about free advice…it’s worth what you pay for it. But in any event, here a few thoughts for Lee Fowler and the search committee to consider as they move forward in their quest to find the best possible basketball coach for NC State.

1) The best coach for NC State is still available. Someone who doesn’t relish the opportunity to coach in one of the premiere basketball conferences in America isn’t the best possible coach for State. Keep your eye on the brass ring. The merry-go-round hasn’t stopped…you will get another chance.

2) Never make important decisions based on emotions or desperation. Now is the time to work even harder…it’s not time to settle for just whoever you can get.

3) As far as I can tell, you’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about. You work for a great university in a great conference. State’s basketball facilities are fantastic and you have one of the most loyal fan bases in the country. You’ve made reasonable offers, but things just haven’t worked out. Don’t make a fast decision just to end the process. The real embarrassment will come down the road if you make a bad choice today.

4) Ignore the media. They don’t have the best interests of NC State in mind. They are paid to write articles. Based on what I have read in recent weeks, they are evidently paid for quantity and not quality.

5) Now might be a good time to reflect on the events that have transpired to date. Were mistakes made? If so, work on fixing them…do not waste time by agonizing over making them.

6) Especially ignore anyone that claims NC State fans are looking for “personality�. Anyone who is more interested in style over substance has already disqualified themselves in more ways than I can count. Jimmy V always said that no one laughs at a coach’s jokes when he wasn’t winning. Winning the right way is all the entertainment that State fans are interested in.

7) The attributes of the best coach for NC State haven’t changed. We need a great recruiter, game-day tactician, and motivator…in other words a “winnerâ€?. We need someone who connects with the players and can get them to give their best effort every night…not necessarily a great speaker on the Wolfpack Caravan. Anyone that can do all of the important things will do fine with the fans.

8) Some coaches that would be great at NC State are easy to identify. Some are much harder. The degree of difficulty doesn’t change your job requirements in any way. State needs a great coach in Raleigh, regardless of his current address.

9) A home-run hitter probably strikes out four or five times for every home run he hits. But in the bottom of the ninth, score tied, and bases empty….he still keeps swinging for the fences. He knows that he only needs one pitch…his pitch…to win the game. Keep looking for your pitch and hit it out of the park…we’re counting on you.

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