Calipari Playing the Media…again and again

If you’ve noticed, we’re not looking to marinade in misery today. The sun came up just like expected and it is time to be smart, be excited, and move on.

BUT, this little diddy from ESPN is too (insert adjective here) to ignore:

I’m kind of impressed with John Calipari’s loyalty to his Memphis assistants, which is reportedly the reason he turned down a sweet offer to jump to NC State, despite … well, let’s review:

• Better conference
• Better program “brand”
• Much more money

The fact is: Calipari will never have a better situation at Memphis than this past season — Top 5 team, conference champ, NCAA Tournament No. 1 seed. Yet he was still marginalized as managing a second-tier program.

(Curious why NC State got hung up on compensating Cal’s assistants. When you’re making a multimillion dollar play for a big-name coach, isn’t the rest just details?)

I’m ‘curious’ about it as well. Particularly curious because I don’t believe it in the slightest.

Calipari is now leaking this stuff to the media to make himself look good knowing that NC State doesn’t have the guts to call him a liar in public in the middle of a coaching search. (Not that State would ever engage in such a public feud, anyway).

I’m sure that if the good folks who run this website hear anything to back-up Cal’s story then they will let you know. I’m also sure that we won’t.

This one is so ridiculous that that I can’t even bring myself to comment on it. God knows that Andy Katz has got to be one of the biggest morons in the world. Do you think that he washes Cal’s feet for him when he snaps his fingers, too?

This will be the last comments regarding Calipari. Moving on!

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  1. highstick 04/12/2006 at 5:03 PM #

    I just heard this too on WFNZ. That does not make any sense at all.

  2. WilmingtonWolf05 04/12/2006 at 5:09 PM #

    What doesn’t make sense is that NC State didn’t go back after him…. Did Calipari give NC State the notice before we could come back with another offer?

  3. Jeff 04/12/2006 at 5:11 PM #

    Dude, he was NEVER COMING. There was no way to go back after him. He raped us.

  4. coppertop 04/12/2006 at 5:11 PM #

    he just played us to get a better raise, why go begging for someone who was never genuinely interested?

  5. NCSU4LIFE 04/12/2006 at 5:11 PM #

    Calipari WHO? Who are we discussing? I cannot remember who you all are talking about.

  6. robertmee 04/12/2006 at 5:12 PM #


    Of course not, because it didn’t happen. Cal is simply trying to save face and spin this fiasco into his favor with his alumni. Afterall, he screwed them as much as us.

  7. WilmingtonWolf05 04/12/2006 at 5:13 PM #

    ok. It was just a thought.

  8. StateFoxer 04/12/2006 at 5:14 PM #

    Apparently he really wasn’t the man for us afterall. Scared of challenge is definately something we don’t need in our next coach.

  9. Packof82Cards 04/12/2006 at 5:16 PM #

    I cringe everytime I hear Larannaga’s name brought up.

  10. Tau837 04/12/2006 at 5:18 PM #

    I think this could be worth commenting on in the media, if only to refute the notion that we won’t pay good salaries to our new head coach’s staff.

  11. ldr of pk 75 04/12/2006 at 5:21 PM #

    And the sun will come up again tomorrow. A tin horn like Cal, in a nothing conference as What is it anyway?, playing “off Broadway” has to resort to leaks etc. to even be noticed. The big stage in the premiere conference doesn’t have to resort to such. Leaks and stuff sounds like he’d be perfect for the slimeball game of politics. He’s had some real winners to study in Mass., NJ, and TN. More power to him though if a couple hundred more grand or whatever he got is going to make any difference to him with what he’s collected already. We’ll be fine without him and I’d bet on a more national stage even with a lesser name coach.

  12. NCSU4LIFE 04/12/2006 at 5:27 PM #

    Does any of this surprise anyone? Maybe it was a blessing not to have him in Raleigh. I do not wanna sound bitter because I am not. As someone called him yesterday a “Snake Oil Salesman”. I wanted Cal as we all did. However, we did not get him so lets move on. This energy, and blog here could be much more productive without his name in it. I know it is hard when he is leaking BS like this to the media but take it like a grain of salt.

    But first ask yourself. With what is coming out now do you not think that NCSU is too good for Cal? I personally think so. A second tier program is ALL that he has ever coached. UMASS, NJ NETS, MEMPHIS, all these are “second tier” programs that have never experienced what we have in Raleigh. Even if it were years ago I will bet my house that Memphis will never be on our level. One thing is Cal will not stay around long enough anywhere to get them there consistantly.

    Remember we play Duke, UNX, GT, etc………
    They have a schedule that consists of SMU, Marshall, ECU(sorry ECU grads), Tulane, Rice, Houston. Come on now. Put us in that conference and we would be 27-3 every year.

    Cal would have stayed around long enough to make himself known as the “savior”, and the “golden child” that saved NCSU basketball. The he would bolt to the next program that is making an offer.

    Also, we do not wanna be known as “the university that gets NCAA coaches a raise”. I say keep a tight lip on it Lee and announce it to us. Much like Indiana did with Kelvin Sampson. That hiring came outta nowhere.

  13. EmptyPack 04/12/2006 at 5:32 PM #

    John Calipari? Not present. NEXT! It is a little surprising (and refreshing) that the media is cracking on him a little, i.e., didn’t take the job out of concern for his staff, couldn’t handle the competition. All talk and no walk. He’s right where he belongs.

  14. db321 04/12/2006 at 5:33 PM #

    Calipari is like a dirtball lawyer…cruising around looking for someone to take advantage of. It’s over…let it go…move on.

  15. Sam92 04/12/2006 at 5:46 PM #

    calipari didn’t come because his assistants weren’t offered enough money

    hmmm, this does not have the ring of truth

    maybe it’s for the best that we didn’t get him anyway

  16. BJD95 04/12/2006 at 5:48 PM #

    He’s a lying SOB. I hope every team in the ACC is heavily encouraged NOT to schedule him. Ever.

  17. cam-ron 04/12/2006 at 5:48 PM #

    never say john brady, he is a bum, he has one good year and you all over him, I never want him, I will pull Arizona St next year before i pull for john brady, Frank Haith is the man yall, He is a die hard Nc State fan, he loves this school and we should give him a chance, If not for the simple fact he will have his team ready to play unc and duke, He won’t look at those 2 games as just another game. Look He beat them with MIA, whos fans probley didn’t even know they had a basketball team until he got there. He recruited all the texas players and I think he is the man for the job, I am willing to bet the house on it. I want someone in here that loves this school and the BB team, young, energetic, and good recruiter. If those are what we are looking for, then Fank is the man

  18. Packattack 04/12/2006 at 5:49 PM #

    He is accepting an offer of 1.3 mil at Memphis .. with the extra 700,000 he would have gotten had he come here he could have compensated his assistants nice.

    I don’t buy it.

  19. cam-ron 04/12/2006 at 5:50 PM #

    I am scared that will all this time going by, Ced is not getting the guidence he needs, players are talking about leaving and recruits are not coming. We need someone in here to calm everyone down, and I am telling you Frank Haith is the man for the job, in 10 years yall will be like damn cam you were right

  20. wolfpacker420 04/12/2006 at 5:51 PM #

    taxes too high in NC. the extra money would end up in the MANs hand so both are about equal. Tenn has lower taxes

  21. J-wolf 04/12/2006 at 5:53 PM #

    I actually read something on the Memphis boards before this all went down about how the Memphis basketball coaching staff other than Calipari were some of the least paid out there, and that was one of the reasons that Calipari was looking at State.

    Oddly enough, I’m not bitter. I was really excited in the hopes of pulling down Barnes, but he had a great situation. I was even more excited about Calipari, but he was doing it for more money (can’t really blame the guy). I’m still optimistic, however. We’re going to get a good…no a great coach, and for the next day or so I’m content on NOT HEARING ANY RUMORS. Give my heart a little time to recoup before it gets torn out again.

  22. cam-ron 04/12/2006 at 5:54 PM #

    no I want to play cal, but in a few years and at our place, Let him see 19000+ screaming and yelling and showing him what real basketball is all about. Pluse on pti they just said he would have a easier time winning a National Champ at NCSU than at Memphis. Better school, better conference. It is easy to have a 32-4 record when you beat up on schools noone has ever heard of, hell we would have went 32-4 in that conference, maybe would have also beat memphis, They were just a gloraphid GorgeWashington team

  23. wolfpacker420 04/12/2006 at 5:56 PM #

    Lavin, Majerus, Haith, Odom, Lutz, Doherty are our best possibilites left but not in any order. Can we get any of these guys?

  24. cam-ron 04/12/2006 at 5:58 PM #

    I acutally know someone who talks to ced on a reg basis. He still may come back. He is a good kid, and knows how much he is loved here. With the right coach he could be 1st team all american, but he does have family problems, and for that fact if the sisuation is right I hope he does go, there are more important things in this world that BB, and I would do the same thing for my dad, that being said, It would not surprise me if he comes back though, he is a good kid, like him alot, and may return

  25. WestCoast 04/12/2006 at 5:58 PM #

    Forget Cal, it’s over.

    Lavin folks….if he was run out of LA he won’t last here for sure. He got the Sendek treatment in LA, and couldn’t work the x’s and o’s. He’d fire everyone up, until he loses to Davidson at home and didn’t have his team ready to play.

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