A Word About the Blog

Welcome to this weblog. If you do not have a complete grasp of the concept of a “blog”, then you should check this out before going any further.

This website is nothing more than a centralized, online diary and journal. It is not intended to be, or every become a professional and commercial website with a focus on building traffic for the purposes of profit or commercial success.

The authors here are nothing more than a consortium of six completely different individuals – each of whom have different thoughts, opinions, and ways of expressing ourselves. We are just regular people with a passion and (hopefully) historic knowledge of NC State Athletics. We simply share this centralized platform that we call StateFansNation since some of us were members of the original team that started the old Statefans.com (which is now PackPride.com)

Our six authors are scattered throughout the country and in some cases do not even know each other’s real names. We do NOT sit around constructing an “agenda” or coming up with a “plan” for our entries. We each do our own thing and link it here. We could each be running our own blogs somewhere like Blogger.com, but instead we choose to do it here.

The internet is an interesting creature because we all behave and act differently than we would in real life due to the general cloak of annonymity that our keyboards create of us. We ask you to view this forum just like you would view our home. We have opened our doors to the world and everyone is allowed to come inside. But, nobody in their right mind is going to let you stay if you are a jack ass and direct ridiculous criticism at your hosts.

StateFansNation’s traffic has been increasing very quickly recently and we wanted to share some requests related to the comments sections of our entries. It is only fair to share how we will moderate comments here so that you can save a lot of time typing something that will ultimately disappear into internet oblivion:

* We aim to keep all comments focused on the topic of the original entry. When you type leave comments, you may ask yourself if you are addressing the topic at hand. This allows us to be particularly effective at building an archive of issues and topics through the years. It is very nice to be able to go back and take a look at what was being said about certain topics and issues at the original time of discussion.

* Since we view each entry as an archived entry with the potential of being re-addressed in the future, we aren’t interested in stupid comments eating up our bandwidth. If you are an idiot or a moron with an idiotic or moronic “thought”, then you will definitely not want to bother with posting a comment that will simply be deleted in the future.

* Similarly, our goal is to have the comments section used to discuss the topic of the entry – not whatever random ideas or comments that may be on your mind at that exact moment.

* We have been dealing with a rash of recent comments wanting to discuss or make criticisms of “this site” or “these authors”. The purpose of supplying an option for comments is NOT so that every comment can become a referendum or a discussion regarding the macro issue of “StateFansNation.” I am sure that you can understand the risk involved in allowing comments in EVERY ENTRY to evolve into a conversation about the blog or the way that it is administered.

* We don’t have to care or spend time trying to make every single person in internet land happy because we’re not trying to profit from your traffic. Since our goal is more personal and pure – an archive of commentary and generation of good discussions – our commitment to moderation is much more focused on quality than it is paying for bandwidth to be criticized like most websites whose purpose is profit.

* Strawman arguments are not welcome. We generally do a good job of saying exactly what we mean and meaning exactly what we say. There is rarely a reason for someone to lead off their comments with, “so what you are saying is….” (and then finish the statement with something nowhere close to what the author said or meant”. Don’t worry with trying to put words in our mouths and misconstrue our points for your own stupid points.

* We have no interest in hosting a forum for morons to conduct irrelevant personal conversations amongst each other in childish attempts to be cute as they fail to be funny. Use your instant messenger or go to another message board community, please.

* We have no interest in providing anyone a forum to be highly critical of our efforts or our intentions, about which you don’t have the first clue. We welcome civil and knowledgable disagreement with any of our entries. We do not welcome personal attacks or fabricated presumptions about the character, intentions, and thoughts behind our work. Our work stands on its own.

* Sometimes we get comments posted like “I don’t think x” or “I think y”. Often these conclusions of what the author “thinks” differs significantly from reality based on facts that we know about and in many cases have even shared on the blog. This is how tangents get started and how conversations become like the “iditot boards.” Why should we let someone post something that is just wrong – even if it is just an opinion – and muddy the waters and drive conversations into a million directions? We aren’t.

We feel much better now that this has been posted. Thank You.

About StateFans

'StateFansNation' is the shared profile used by any/all of the dozen or so authors that contribute to the blog. You may not always agree with us, but you will have little doubt about where we stand on most issues. Please follow us on Twitter and FaceBook