Pack the Biggest Disappointment (Again)

Overnight on ESPN, Doug Gottlieb proclaimed what he saw of NC State (and Maryland) to be the biggest disappointment in the country yesterday:

“Two lackluster performances in Greensboro. What happened to NC State?…How did they lose two consecutive games to Wake Forest? The bottom team. The last place team in the ACC. They lay a massive egg on the floor of the Greensboro Coliseum.”

Doug Gottlieb of ESPN Television
March 11, 2006

If you have been reading this blog for over a year now, this concept of being such a big disappointment may sound familiar to you. It should. In the Groundhog Day which has become NC State Basketball the last decade, you have heard it before.

Please allow me to turn your attention to LAST YEAR

Wednesday, March 16, 2005 – Fox Radio Calls Sendek’s team the biggest underachievers in the country

March 5, 2005

February 8, 2004
– ESPN calls Sendek’s team the biggest disappointment in the country