Martinez: Duke vs Carolina

I thought that this editorial would be interesting to read.

Why the hell would I want to read anything written by a Carolina fan? What do they know about basketball?…

…I used to pride myself on being a smart fan, not a sports fool. As a former sportswriter and, more significantly, a onetime Vegas gambler, knowing and analyzing college basketball was my business. I looked down at the Duke-Carolina fanatics whose mental health could be determined by the bounce of a basketball at Cameron or the Smith Center.

I no longer look down at them, because they foreshadow my future.

My gambling friends who used to tap me for college basketball insight don’t bother anymore. They think I only watch ACC games. The truth is worse. I only watch Duke and Carolina games and only as a measuring stick of how they will match up against each other. Conference championships, ACC tournament trophies, even national titles no longer matter.

Beating Carolina is all that counts.

How could this guy think any single game is more important than any other? Stupid fan! What do they matter?