TBJ Poll: NC State Contributes Most to Economy

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The Triangle Business Journal conducted a non-scientific poll from Dec. 28 through Jan. 3 to help measure the economic impact had on the Triangle by some of our surrounding universities.

Readers were asked, “Which Triangle university contributes the most to the Triangle economy?”

Out of 545 total responses, 356 or more than 65 percent believed that North Carolina State University contributes the most to the Triangle economy, with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ranking a distant second with 20.9 percent or 114 votes.

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3 Responses to TBJ Poll: NC State Contributes Most to Economy

  1. Trout 01/04/2006 at 5:13 PM #

    Dig the quote from this scholar: “This is a no-brainer. UNC has the most students and employees versus the other guys. Therefore, they contribute the most. Simple, I surmise.”

    Really? NC State has been bigger than UNC for about 20 years now.

    Good find Jeff. Nice to see an article where perceptions actually agree with fact.

  2. VaWolf82 01/04/2006 at 5:22 PM #

    I don’t think that I would have to convince anyone around here how much I enjoy beating all things baby blue. However, I have niece that is alive today largely because of the Neonatal Intensive Care Units at UNC and Wake.

    Both universities contribute so much to the Triangle, that this survey is a liittle like asking which is more important….water or air. Even if State’s contributions are more important to the economy, UNC’s contributions can not be over looked.

  3. Class of '74 01/05/2006 at 6:40 AM #

    It would be a terrible world with nothing but lawyers or engineers. Balance is needed and we do balance those folks in Chapel Hill very nicely. VaWolf’s points are spot on!

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