Vitale: Keep Eye on Wolfpack

After highlighting (amongst others) Gonzaga, Washington, Coach K, Jim Boehiem, UConn, Jim Calhoun, UNC-CH, Roy Williams, Memphis, Drexel, Old Dominion, UNC-W, Hofstra, Northeastern, Indiana, Maryland, USC, & JJ Reddick…Dick Vitale had some ‘exciting’ comments for NC State fans in his Roundball Chatter.

In ACC country, all the talk has been about the Duke Blue Devils, but keep an eye on Herb Sendek’s Wolfpack. Despite the loss to Iowa Wednesday, NC State has a variety of weapons, including the three-point shooting and passing ability of Ilian Evtimov

What would really be insightful from the talking head would be some analysis of how this “variety of weapons” can muster 42 points in a college basketball game (coming off of a 61 point performance that included signficant free throw opportunities because of our lead). Don’t hold your breath for that.

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2 Responses to Vitale: Keep Eye on Wolfpack

  1. Class of '74 12/04/2005 at 2:04 PM #

    The media can hype us all they want but until we start beating quality teams night after night our fans don’t have the faith yet.

  2. SaccoV 12/06/2005 at 5:24 PM #

    Not only that CO’74, if you listen to or read Vitale’s blather enough, he’ll having you thinking that Vermont can get to the Final Four. This should have been another year of an undefeated out-of-conference, though Alabama on the road was clearly the toughest game. I’m even more surprised that given the loss, State DID NOT fall out of the top 25. I can remember State with two losses falling out of the Top 25 in 1984. Funny how those things change!!

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