Glaxo Tournament

I went to the Glaxo tournament to watch the signees and recruits. Here are some of my observations…

Dan Werner
Looks like an Evtimov clone. He has a great basketball body and decent athletic ability. He has vey good shooting form and is an excellent passer. He will contribute immediately.

Larry Davis
He is a great athelete with a big strong build. He is a good passer and rebounder but his shooting form leaves a bit to be desired. I believe it will be a few years before he contribues (ala Benneman). He has alot of upside.

Chris Wright
This kid is the real deal. He is considered a top 50 recruit but I believe he is the type of player that we need to take State to the next level. He has the rare combination of awesome athletic ability and great shooting form. He made mistakes and forced some shots but he is very aggressive and is not afraid to lead his team.

Other players that attracted my attention

Brandon Young looks to be a good player. He can drive and score but is a little on the small side for Herb (listed at 6’1″).

Irving Walker is the point guard on Larry Davis’ team. He is lighting quick has a good shot and is the team leader. He is too short for Herb (listed at 5’8″ but looks shorter) but could add an interesting dimension to the NCSU team.

Vlad Moldoveanu is 6’11” and plays guard. He is painfully thin but has a nice shot. He seems like a Princeton offense type of player.

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  1. Sam '92 12/29/2005 at 4:56 PM #

    First — great piece, telling it like it is.

    You really got the point right about attendance in Charlotte — when one team brings *next-to-no-one* to the game, attendance is always going look disappointing compared to bowls with two teams whose fans travel.

    N.C. State is essentially putting 50,000 fans in the seats for the game; not bad.

    I don’t know how many attended the Alamo bowl (Michigan and Nebraska), but there sure looked like a lot of empty seats — which is not to disparage their fans, but just to make the point that we have pretty good support.

    Happy New Year everybody.

  2. JeremyHyatt 12/30/2005 at 3:08 PM #

    the words “Evtimov clone” to describe Werner warms my heart. his basketball IQ and nba range 3- point prowess will be missed after this year.

    I saw that Larry Davis won the Glaxo tourney MVP, not bad.

    will try to get tickets at RBC to see the game tonite, go pack!

  3. Alpha Wolf 01/03/2006 at 2:00 PM #

    We don’t run the Princeton offense — ask Sendek.

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