TV Schedule – November 12

What a great week in college football! The SEC is finally stepping up to provide the best slate of games for the first time this year. But don’t worry; the ACC has plenty to offer as well while the rest of the country also presents a couple of intriguing match-ups.

Fifth ranked LSU versus fourth ranked Alabama highlights the schedule. The Tigers struggled early while dealing with a natural disaster in addition to some key injuries. While the Tide’s schedule lacks any sex appeal outside of a win over the Gators, Bama has consistently beaten some decent teams. However, in their last three SEC outings, they’ve been much less than dominant scoring only one offensive touchdown in three games versus Ole Miss, Tennessee, and Mississippi State, and the games against both Ole Miss and Tennessee came down to one play. LSU clearly has more talent. On the other hand, this Tiger team has been plagued by mistakes and volatile emotion. After two hyper emotional games against Arizona St. and Tennessee, the Tigers phoned it in over the last two weeks. This team has playmakers at every position but has not executed to its ability for 60 minutes yet. If the Tigers can minimize the turnovers and penalties, they’ll beat the Tide.

Spurrier welcomes the Gators to Columbus. After foiling his arch nemesis, and according to Steve – best buddy, Phil Fulmer, can the Ole Ball Coach actually pull one out of his hat against his alma mater? The Cocks haven’t been stellar, but Florida took two overtimes to beat Vandy.

Then there’s the interdivisional match-up, the “Oldest Rivalry in the Deep South�, Auburn heads up to Georgia in a game both teams need to win to stay in the SEC race. Auburn has improved since the early season, and Kenny Irons is for real, but the Tigers have faced a weak schedule. This game really comes down to D.J., if Shockley is healthy, the Dawgs win, and are headed to Atlanta.

In the ACC, the Bowden Bowl kicks things off. Both coaches could use a win; so its going to be a tough Thanksgiving at the Bowden house as Bobby’s not throwing this one. Since apparently everyone in the Atlantic Division could tie for second, the Pack/BC game is a big one. Of course the most important thing on the line is Amato’s future. Like the rest of the Atlantic, Maryland also still has a shot at 2nd place. In any case, the Maryland/UNC game is a toss up. Ga Tech has a nice record and UVA has been disappointing. Tech should be able to hold them off. One thing is clear in the Miami/Wake game, despite some injuries, the Hurricanes will score a lot. Lowly East Carolina put up 34 on Wake, and the Canes are trying to show off.

Nationally, an over-rated Northwestern team will get put in its place by the Buckeye’s. NW can score, though maybe not on this defense, and they give up far too many points.

Finally, the game likely to get entirely too much media attention pairs the mighty Trojans against the astronomically over-hyped Cal Bears. Despite losing too many starters to count, this Cal team was ranked in every poll but this week’s. What have the Bears done to deserver this? A) Lost every game to a team with better than a 3 – 6 record? or B) Beat 3 – 6 Washington St. at home by 4 points? Personally, I think their most impressive game was only losing to Oregon by 7, but that’s what dropped them out of the polls. USC wins by at least 30.


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  1. BJD95 11/10/2005 at 11:17 AM #

    Too bad the fluky schedule put all three of the prime SEC games on the same weekend – especially the one where I’ll be attending a wedding, damn it.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Steve Spurrier has hand-down done the best coaching job in the country this year. I think they might even beat the Gators this weekend. First team to 14 (if either team does) wins.

    Does everyone realize that without LSU’s QB going braindead right before half, and the late team-wide meltdown late in the game – mighty Tennessee would already be bowl ineligible? Memphis and Vandy could still finish the Vols off for the year, but I wouldn’t bet on it. LSU is better than Alabama, but the Tide will be fired up, and (based mostly on hope for another BCS clusterfuck) I’ll back Alabama to win.

    Mark Mangino’s whining last year ensures that the Longhorns will rub it in this week. Whatever the spread, take the Horns to cover and beat the “over.”

    ABC sure has some stinker games to compete with CBS at 3:30. Miami/Wake? Please.

  2. TigerFan 11/10/2005 at 1:00 PM #

    The corollary to the Tennessee comment is that if not for one play LSU would be a serious thorn in the side of the BCS. Keeping an undefeated LSU team that was in the top 5 preseason and won the NC two years ago would be too much for the BCS after last years debacle.

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