This Week’s Top 25 and TV Schedule

Just before the buzzer, here is this week’s SFN Poll and TV Schedule.

Overall this rivalry weekend is a little slow. We have lots of important games and a couple of intriguing side notes (USC/Clemson suspension game/slugfest for instance) but only a couple of important match-ups between good teams.

While Penn St./Michigan State, Miami/Ga Tech, and Georgia/Kentucky all have conference implications, none of these games should be close if the favorite plays up to its potential. Tennessee needs to beat Vandy to go to a bowl, but I’m not sure even Tennessee fans care at this point other than those who want Fulmer to get fired.

Auburn/Alabama and Ohio State/Michigan are clearly the best games this weekend – great rivalries, great teams, all with something on the line. Ohio State and Auburn are the better teams, but in a rivalry game, who knows what will happen. My surprise pick: Bama scores more than one offensive touchdown.

Thing to watch for on Game Day: If more than two teams remained undefeated, Kirk and Lee would be talking up Fresno State like the 2004 New England Patriots. Hopefully, since the Rose Bowl is essentially locked up, they’ll be much more moderate in their praise for a team whose “quality wins� are mediocre mid-majors Boise St. and Toledo.


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  1. BJD95 11/18/2005 at 6:57 PM #

    I’m pretty interested in this week’s games, actually. Few great matchups, but several good or POTENTIALLY interesting ones. It’s dumb that TT/Oklahoma gets such poor TV coverage (we’ll be blacked out by a stupid hockey game), and I can’t believe ESPN and ESPN2 picked up such dog mismatch games instead of a very interesting Clemson/South Carolina matchup (even if there’s no cool fight this time).

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