Notre Dame Gets 1.3 Million In Years They Don’t Go To A Bowl Game

I am a big fan of ESPN Insider. In today’s “Road to the BCS” they posted the following info:

The big change for Notre Dame is that it will no longer receive a revenue share equal to an automatic conference berth (about $15 million) whenever it plays in a BCS game.

Instead, when the Irish earn an at-large berth, they will get the amount designated for an at-large appearance (about $4.5 million) — typically given to a conference for getting a second team into the BCS. As part of this new arrangement, however, Notre Dame will be guaranteed a major-conference team share (about $1.3M) in years when it doesn’t play in a major bowl. If the Irish reach a non-BCS bowl, they will also receive the full payout for that game.

Here’s an example of how it would work.

Clearly, the new agreement is a financial step backward if Notre Dame becomes a regular in BCS games, but if the Irish make it once every four or five years, the difference is negligible. If ND goes through a dry spell, as it did in the previous four years, this arrangement works out better for the university. And with a guaranteed payout of at least $1.3 million each year, budgeting for the athletic department becomes much easier than it has been under the “feast or famine” model.

By all accounts, Notre Dame didn’t put up much resistance to this new plan at the bargaining table. The school is a partner with the conferences in the BCS, and everyone involved needed to do what was best for college football. And in the end, what’s good for college football is usually better for all programs in the long run.

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2 Responses to Notre Dame Gets 1.3 Million In Years They Don’t Go To A Bowl Game

  1. Alpha Wolf 11/07/2005 at 8:12 PM #

    Notre Dame is the indicator of all that’s wrong with college football. It is ostensibly an amateur sport, yet it is only all about money.

    College presidents hypocritcally say that a playoff system, which most everyone that’s not a bowl administrator wants to see in some form or another, would cause too much missed classroom time and other such poppycock — and then turn around and approve a 12th game because — you guessed — they all stand to make more money.

    Notre Dame gets BCS votes they don’t deserve, and quite frankly I hope Miami or FSU gets them in the Orange Bowl so it is an ACC school that rips their overrated team limb from limb on national television.

    Oh, they’ll say they *almost* beat USC. Well, Germany *almost* beat the Allies in WWI and look what that got them. The Carolina Panthers *almost* beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Almost is nothing in sports.

  2. SaccoV 11/10/2005 at 11:37 AM #

    Agreed. Bigger than that is the entire NCAA continuing to sell Notre Dame’s mystique as the essence of college football. I’m not sure if its a latent love affair for Catholic schools or what, but Notre Dame ALREADY has far too much of an advantage with the NBC contract. USC, who has been #1 all season, and last season, couldn’t even get some of its games on spotty regional coverage on ABC. And the Irish get a nation to see it crush Navy or Boston Seminary. It’s really a travesty how much Notre Dame has and it’s also mind-boggling that they can’t contend every single year for a Top-Ten spot. I think no one is expressing how BAD Davie and Willingham were at the helm. The other factor includes Notre Dame’s “independent” status which allows it to stay outside the conference shell. Most notably, if Notre Dame gets to a BCS bowl, and they probably will, they won’t have to share A NICKEL of that big check with ANYONE. Talk about a sham!!!

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