Need Some Cheap Shirts?


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  1. Trout 11/22/2005 at 4:20 PM #

    🙂 I guess Clemson didnt get the memo. BTW, congrats to the Tigers for beating SC. A good win for them and the ACC. It puts some cold water on the Spurrier Fever.

  2. Jeff 11/22/2005 at 4:22 PM #

    ACC’s Tigers knocked off the Cocks in Columbia….and Yellow Jackets beat Auburn in Auburn.

  3. Trout 11/22/2005 at 4:29 PM #

    And up next is GT vs UGa and FSU vs Florida.

    Vandy did beat Wake.

  4. Jeff 11/22/2005 at 4:38 PM #

    ^Because of a late game come-back…and Vandy is generally considered the SEC’s 7th or 8th best team this year. Wake is the ACC’s 10th or 11th best. Not too bad.

  5. Rick Jernigan 11/23/2005 at 8:24 AM #

    After the game, a Clemson player was quoted as “We’ve not next”. I get the joke now! Years ago, Clemson or was expecting a great year and came out with a “When You’re Great, It’s Hard to be Humble” bumper sticker. At the end of the year, USC produced a “When You’re 2 and 9, It’s Hard to get this damn thing off your Bumper” sticker. Does anybody remember this or am I hallucinating?

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