What and Why To Watch

This week doesn’t have the quality or volume of last week’s games, but there’s still plenty of interesting match-ups to keep you occupied Saturday.

The Pack looks to establish its place in the ACC with a second straight Thursday victory.

USC continues to be #1 though they’ve yet to look good in a game versus a quality opponent. National titles are not awarded purely on the unproven talent of the offense. Defense matters, and USC’s so far hasn’t been impressive.

Ohio State must rebound against MSU. LSU and Florida are both in “must win� situations if they want to remain in contention. Florida St./Virginia has the evening pretty much to themselves; so FSU must impress.


Here’ the TV schedule this week. Its probably not worth carrying that extra TV into the living room.



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  1. BJD95 10/12/2005 at 7:16 PM #

    Pretty crappy weekend for my wife to be out of town. The late games really suck. Pretty much all of the interesting games are at 3:30, but I’ll be mostly glued to LSU/Florida.

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