Tudor: Amato era hasn’t improved

Caulton Tudor writes in his gameday column, there has has not been any improvement under the Amato era.

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5 Responses to Tudor: Amato era hasn’t improved

  1. BJD95 10/06/2005 at 2:54 PM #

    It would be accurate to say Amato era hasn’t improved enough. He’s done better than MOC, although that’s only b/c the conference has gotten better, and MOC wouldn’t have been able to “tread water” in the new ACC.

    That said, we didn’t hire Chuck Amato and invest heavily in facilities in order to tread water. Simply unacceptable.

  2. Tim 10/06/2005 at 5:50 PM #

    This morning’s N&O and Caulton Tudor decided to wait until Chuck was out of town to launch
    thier poision against Chuck and this year’s team. What a cheap shot. Why not run that story
    earlier in the week instead of waiting until the Pack was out of town and unable to
    respond. A new low for Mr. Tudor and the N&O

  3. Sacco 10/06/2005 at 6:14 PM #

    I agree with Tim, the timing for this “column” was a bit tardy. Andrew Jones has been writing these sorts of commentaries for a month now. Also, by “column” I mean a hastily-scrapped together diatribe full of statistics everyone else has published and analysis everyone else in the league knows. Ridiculous. That’s why the N&O is a rag of a paper these days.

  4. Slader4881 10/06/2005 at 10:47 PM #

    I agree with Mr. Tudor, he went on the radio last week in Raleigh saying basically the same thing his article said. I really doubt this is an attack on Chuck and NCSU timed for their departure to Atlanta, because these columns have been coming fast and furious from all angles and what is one more story really going to do. NCSU has dropped off the radar nationally so much that no one even pays attention to them anymore. The state of football in North Carolina as a whole (wake, ncsu, duke and unc) is absolutely so bad right that and reporters have nothing else to write/talk about. I know the N&O is a horrible paper and likes to create drama at the drop of a hat, but this time it was justified.

  5. LoneWolf 10/07/2005 at 9:47 AM #

    Let’s not be naive, The N&O does not like Chuck and Chuck only tolerates the N&O’s
    reporters minimally. The articles in yesterday’s version were direct attacks on Chuck. Some
    people prefer to see the world through rose colored glasses. I do not. The N&o’s penchant
    for drama and slightly sadistic desire to needle Chuck came out loud and clear on a day
    when the team and Chuck were out of town. Cheap “green” stories like Caulton Tudors were
    written long ago and held out until the right time. Today begins a new day for us all in
    the Wolfpack Nation. Sometimes it pays to be better lucky than good. I say we are both.

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