Technician Slams the “Mexi-Cam”

The Technician called the loss to Clemson was “embarrassing”. The scoreboard folks topped their embarassing cartoons with a “mexi-cam”. I had left the game by that point, but it is troubling, if true.

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9 Responses to Technician Slams the “Mexi-Cam”

  1. scott 10/17/2005 at 2:00 PM #

    I guess most of us had left the stadium before this happened. I’m not a stickler for political correctness, but this was stupid. I guess Lee will say the scoreboard folks were forced to take extreme measures to lighten the mood after so many disloyal State fans booed their own coach/players. It’s our fault & we should pay a penance to the Wolfpack Club right away!

  2. BJD95 10/17/2005 at 6:26 PM #

    I’m as non-PC as anyone, especially in what I find funny (Doug Stanhope, Chris Rock, etc.). But this is offensive, and patently stupid in this day and age. Talk about reinforcing negative stereotypes of how the UNC folk tend to view our level of “enlightenment.”

  3. newswolf 10/17/2005 at 6:55 PM #

    ^I agree with you 100%. It is amazing Fowler hasn’t issued an apology.

  4. JB34 10/18/2005 at 7:04 AM #

    Must chime in with an agreement on all counts. I already believed that the people running the scoreboard are idiots (and the people at NC State who allow it have to be thrown into the mix)…but this is nuts.

    If it would have at least been funny, then I can imagine some people saying that criticism is overbaked. But, this was just as bad and stupid as it gets.

    Oh well…I guess they will try to issue an apology over the blaring rap music and commercials at the next game.

  5. Sam Martin 10/18/2005 at 10:09 AM #

    The Mexi-Cam was stupid, and worse. I know that humor has to be on the edge to be funny, but if it’s sole purpose is to denigrate an ethnic group, it’s just wrong. It’s also low-class, and not funny either.

    “kissing cam” is about putting kissing people on the screen because people get a laugh out of seeing the kiss, “fan cam” is about putting fans on the screen because people get a laugh out of seeing crazy fans, “mexi-cam” can only be about putting someone on the screen to be laughed at because they are mexican, or seem “mexican”, whatever that means.

    That stunt was wrong, and the people who are responsible for it need to take that responsibility and act on it, at the top and at the bottom. The Athletic Director should issue a formal apology, and whoever the “operators” were who actually did it need to be taken off of that duty.

    Taking responsibility has to mean something, but it can also be measured. Whoever did the “mexi-cam” doesn’t have to be demonized, but they shouldn’t be operating the scoreboard screen any longer.

  6. JB34 10/18/2005 at 12:49 PM #

    ^ Those are super, super points all around.

  7. Tymdautyt 10/21/2005 at 1:00 AM #

    Why can’t Mexican just be proud of it huh??? What’s wrong with Ameri-Cam? I know there’s a point about being minority and majority. But it looks (sounds) worse when people are all talking about it. Both minority and majority, “ignore it” and move on.

    Don’t try to show the sign of sympathy either because it doesn’t need to be. I don’t think it’s a big deal if Mexican are viewing differently of what Mexi-Cam means. Don’t keep interpreting!!!

  8. AWF 10/23/2005 at 12:37 PM #

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  9. DARKO 10/23/2005 at 1:36 PM #

    This is much ado about NOTHING! I just don’t see the offensiveness in “mexi-cam” What is so bad about it?

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