Quinton Porter Bites

I’ve been watching the Boston College @ Virginia Tech game tonight with absolutely no bias. I have no preference or overwhelming affinity for either team. So, while watching the game, I have tried to put myself in the shoes of both teams. It has been an interesting experience.

As a VPI fan, I found that I was very, very confident that there was no way that “we” were going to mess up too much. After the first quarter, I didn’t even fear a loss. But even before I got to that feeling, I wasn’t concerned that “we” were going to kill ourselves.

As a Boston College fan, (like EagleinAtlanta) I have to ask, “What does Quinton Porter have on the BC coaches…and why the hell do they play him?” This guy is horrible. You don’t know “Quarterback controversy” until you have followed the QB controversy at BC. You can click here for some commentary.

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  1. TigerFan 10/28/2005 at 10:19 AM #

    BC’s a pretty good team. Especially in the first half, I thought they looked well coached and made few mistakes, they just didn’t have the talent that Va Tech has. BC is good enough to beat some people, but they’re not at the top of the ACC. All three of their conference wins were against teams with losing ACC record. Even so, two of those wins were by 5 points or less. That’s not to say BC’s a bad team at all, but they could easily lose one or more to Maryland, UNC, or NC State down the stretch.

    Va Tech sent mixed messages last night. Vick played well, the defense looked good, but they were not able to put the game away. They only scored two offensive touchdowns in the game, and none in the second half.

    Va Tech may be worthy of national title consideration, but the performance against BC wasn’t exactly a statement game.

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