Powell Scores Game Winner

Congratulations, Josh Powell.

Take a look at today’s article from Dallas that focuses on Josh and his performance last night that included a game winning tip in with 5.7 seconds to go.

DALLAS — Avery Johnson has a pretty good idea who’s going to eat up the overwhelming bulk of the minutes this season. It’s those extra few ticks now and then that have the Mavericks’ coach looking for a few good men.

Rookie forward Josh Powell was one of those on display Friday night, and had the game-winning tip-in in the Mavs’ 86-85 preseason victory the New York Knicks at American Airlines Center.

Powell had nine points and three rebounds in 21 1/2 minutes on Friday.

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  1. SaccoV 10/22/2005 at 3:06 PM #

    I remember his first game-winning layup against Clemson in 2001. Wish he would have stayed two more years.

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