Marcus Stone to Start Homecoming

It was announced today Redshirt-Soph Quarterback, Marcus Stone will replace Jay Davis as the Wolfpack’s starting signal caller in this weekend’s Homecoming match-up against Southern Miss.

I caution the Wolfpack fans that have been so feverishly supporting Stone to take a deep breath and come back to reality. Stone may very well perform better than Jay Davis, but that doesn’t necessarily make him the long term answer for the Wolfpack’s QB-problems. There are reasons why our coaching staff chose to go with Davis over the last year and a half — and, those reasons aren’t solely because Davis’ dad is a high school coach in Florida.

Give Pack Pride some credit for coming up with something interesting that wasn’t a reconfigured press release from the SID. Of course, there is no original thought or opinion in the link, but let’s not ask for the world all at one time.

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5 Responses to Marcus Stone to Start Homecoming

  1. WTNY 10/25/2005 at 7:45 AM #

    Thanks for the update. Isn’t Stone a redshirt Soph?

  2. BJD95 10/25/2005 at 8:01 AM #

    Yes, redshirt sophomore. The best thing about this move is allowing us to see whether he can possibly be counted on next year. If the answer is “no”, then we need to know that before 2006 kicks off.

  3. JB34 10/25/2005 at 9:33 AM #

    I edited the article to reflect his correct status.

    I’m worried about Stone’s ability to manage the entire game and not just come in as a gun slinging option. I’m convinved that Marc Trestman is NOT calling 2 yard dumps from first and goal at the 9 and Stone’s decision making scares the snot out of me in these (and other situations).

    Don’t mis-interpret my comments to read as though I don’t support a change. Jay Davis has had more than his ample opportunity to win/keep the job on the field. But, if we lost on Saturday with Stone (whom the coaches have never thought could be “the guy”) then I think that it will be time to dump November and let’s see how Daniel Evans can develop with some playing time.

  4. Cardiac95 10/25/2005 at 3:26 PM #

    While I’m glad we’ve FINALLY made what was an obvious move…..I do realize that this team has alot more issues than Marcus Stone is capable of fixing. Winning 4 of 5 is still not a likely proposition, but stranger things have happened.

    Re: Jay….class act all the way as displayed in his comments to the media yesterday. Hope the guy has a long career as a coach or whatever endevour might interest him. That said…..aside from a possible start on Senior Day or an injury to Stone….I hope we won’t see him on the field any more.

    Also, I hope we take the opportunity against MTSU to get Evans some quality snaps with the first team.

    And on a final note…..I hope we can avoid collectively annointing Burke as the program’s savior & heir-apparent to River’s throne. Unless the kid is enrolled for the Spring Semester & goes through Spring Practice (as River’s did), I give him little shot of being anything other than red-shirted next season.

  5. JB34 10/26/2005 at 10:34 PM #

    Cardiac95, can you drop me an EZMAIL on Pack Pride’s message boards that includes your email address?

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