Good Ole Terry Bowden

If ever there were a clueless sports analyst, it is Terry Bowden. From his ludicrous perspective on racial issues in coaching, to this wonderful statement: “I ordered the game on pay-per-view just so I could watch him.� Isn’t Terry a college football analyst? Isn’t it his job to watch college football? Should we start a fund focused on raising $100 so that he can subscribe to ESPN Gameplan ALL season?

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  1. Alpha Wolf 10/05/2005 at 8:02 AM #

    Let’s see, Terry. You work for ABC, which carried the game, and owns ESPN.

    You’d think that they’d allow you to expense it out, or the cable company would comp it for you, but instead, you issue another one of ABC’s infamously hidden product pitches.

    Go figure.

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