Pivotal Year for Still Popular Amato

The Winston-Salem Journal’s John DeLong set the stage for NC State’s 2005 Football Season as one that is most pivotal for the Wolfpack program and Head Coach, Chuck Amato.

As much as I think that Chuck Amato is (as he should be) on extremely strong footing in Raleigh…I do agree with DeLong’s perspective that this year is one of defintion for the NC State program. I’m not going to get into a lot of color and develop a lot of thoughts about this today, but I did want to share DeLong’s comments and make a factual correction to the article (go figure?).

In the article, DeLong incorrectly states, “Since Amato’s arrival, State has also changed its season-ticket policy. To buy season tickets, fans must first buy LTRs – lifetime seating rights.”

This is incorrect. NC State changed its season-ticket policy two to three years before Amato arrived in Raleigh and while Mike O’Cain was still the coach. (I was sitting in my Lifetime Rights seats in 1998 when NC State beat Florida State when Coach Amato was wearing Garnet & Gold.) Prior to Amato’s arrival ticket demand was not strong enough to sellout all NC State tickets through LTR’s. Today, the Wolfpack Club has sold so many LTR’s that there is no other way to buy season tickets.

To be accurate, State has not changed its season-ticket policy since Amato arrived, State’s ticket demand has grown so much since Amato’s arrival that only LTRs can buy tickets.