Byting Saturday (Thanks, TiVo)

I’m working on some stuff around the house today while I have games going on my 2 tuners on TiVo. I thought that I would share some thoughts while the games are on…

UNC-CH @ Georgia Tech

==> Crimping Tarheel Style
Poor, poor Carolina. Everywhere you look their football program has new hurdles that they must overcome.

First, they had to overcome a drug epidemic whereby multiple players have to fight to keep their eligibility amidst marijuana testing. Then, we find out their new star running back who transferred to Chapel Hill because he was having too much trouble for an SEC program has been dealing with some minor legal problems. And NOW…this!!!

With the introduction of Instant Replay in ACC football games this season, one of the Tarheels best advantages is being partially neutralized — the referee. During Saturday’s first quarter at Georgia Tech, we already saw the importance of instant replay when the referees on the field ruled that Carolina had intercepted a Reggie Ball pass in Yellow Jacket territory only to see the play reversed by the new “eye in the sky”.

How big was this correct over-rule? Instead of the Tarheels only needing 10 yards to get into field goal territory, Georgia Tech retained possession and ultimately scored a touchdown on the same drive.

After NC State’s successful experience with instant replay on Sunday night against Virginia Tech, the score is Good Guys 2, Game Changing Inaccuracies zero.

…now, if we can only get replay used for ball spotting and and bad running into the kicker calls…

==> Finding Other Ways
I spoke just a tad early about the crimping of the Tarheels’ style. I felt very sorry for GT who got jobbed on a couple of occassions in the 2nd quarter to help facilitate Carolina’s ‘comeback’.
* The roughing the passer call that enabled Carolina to score their first touchdown as opposed to trying a long field goal was horrible.
* I sure hope that our defensive backs get the physical license to pass interfere and hold like what we are seeing today. They’ve shown three pass interferences in just the 2nd quarter (2 of which the announcers deemed “great coverage”) that would have been nice calls for Georgia Tech; particularly the hold and tackle that Jacoby Watkins pulled on 3rd down that would have given Tech a first down.

==> Obviously, its Billy Ray Brown
Where is Heather Mitts when you need her?

Don’t know if you have noticed this sideline reporter in the UNC-GT game…but he uses the word “obviously” in every sentence. It’s hilarious and horrible at the same time. I told my wife to check it out before he interviewed John Bunting on the way into halftime and on cue he threw out an “obviously” that obviously made me look like a genius to the wife.

==> Butch Bunting
How has Dawn Bunting avoided the spotlight all of these years? We have GOT to get her away from the Melissa Etheridge concerts and on television more often. I am sure that the photoshopping on rival message boards are going to be in overdrive after her appearance in the first half of today’s broadcast.

By the way…was she dipping while she was ‘obviously’ speaking with Billy Ray?

Virginia Tech @ Duke

==> Schedule Makers
Why can’t we play Duke every year?

==> VSPN
If you thought that the media loved Marcus Vick before today, I am scared to see after today.

==> Positive for Duke
What can I say that is good about Duke? I think that their uniforms are easily the best that they have ever looked in my lifetime.

[Developing through the day…..]