Wolfpack Morning Mentions on Fox Radio

I had an interesting drive on the way to work this morning.

Opie and Anthony were in re-run mode on XM channel 202, so I was scrolling through the other old favorites of America Right #166 and the sports radio channels. I ended up on Fox Sports Radio with the First Team on Fox and Steve Czaban. The Czabe has been one of my favorite radio hosts since his 1998-1999 gig at WFNZ in Charlotte.

I finally reached The Czabe on Fox in the middle of a conversation that he was having with a guest. They had been talking long enough about their topic that the conversation was now in pronoun mode and they were using lots of “he, we, then, etc”. But, the interviewee had an interesting sound to his voice — and for good reason — Czaban was interviewing 1976 NC State graduate, Buddy Green. (If onlyI had seen the press release earlier!!)

As many of you already knew, Green was the head coach of UT-Chattanooga when an unknown wide receiver named, Terrell Owens played for the Mocs. I’ve wondered why none of the media had surfaced Buddy during the recent T.O. saga. Now I cannot wonder any more. Good work, Czabe. Now, if only Buddy would have been a better interview then we could really have something to talk about.