State Strongly Represented in Harris Poll

As if Buddy Green wasn’t enough throwback for one morning…Steve Czaban also made an off-handed reference to former NC State football coach Dick Sheridan when he was criticizing the new Harris Interactive BCS college football poll.

I don’t know how much that you know about the Harris Poll, but basically, “it will rank the top 25 teams on a weekly basis, starting Sept. 25 — four weeks into the season” and will be one of three primary components of the BCS formula.

A list of the voters can be found by clicking here. The list reveals some very interesting information for Wolfpackers as you will find four of the 114 voters have been employed at NC State in their career:

Lou Holtz – former NC State football head coach and current ESPN football analyst

Dick Sheridan, former NC State football head coach and current South Carolina businessman

Darrell Moody, former NC State quarterback and assistant football coach and current scout for the San Diego Chargers

Frank Weedon, NC State legend who has done everything within the athletics department including service as sports information director