Around the ACC

It is always nice to make a quick journey around the ACC to keep up with what is going on with our peers, so today’s entry will be a potpourri of current conference information.

Before we get to the meat of it, I would like to turn your attention to a few related comments —

As a blog, the general focus of StatefansNation is to comment on, and share perspective about various topics information upon which we may we discover. We do NOT seek to be a consistent “news source” with hopes and goals of being first to market with information.

Additionally, we do not seek to be the “portal” of all things Wolfpack — that was the goal of the old, which obviously succeeded in its execution through the site’s ultimate evolution into what is now (Please excuse the dated logo used on this site that is left over from the old days).

The evolution of and has brought with it the continued use of various forms of the daily “webrun” that we started at five years ago. Now that RSS and other tools exist, an individual can create their own versions of perpetual webruns through the use of news aggregation. But these new tools still cannot replace the value created by sites that provide you a single webpage that directs you to current and relevant NC State news.

Did you know that similar resources existed for your focus on the entire Atlantic Coast Conference and not just NC State? Two such websites that provide daily “webruns” for the entire ACC are The ACCBasketBlog (not just limited to Basketball information) and The ACC Area Sports Journal’s
“Best ACC Links”. Both of these sites do a super job of providing you (an almost daily) centralized webpage with tons of links to current articles and websites throughout the ACC region. Lastly, 850 the Buzz occassionally provides similar resources like this one yesterday.

With that out of the way, let’s hit some very quick news nuggets at each ACC school as we approach the season.

For starters, check out all of the links provided the other day at ACCASJ, Additionally, you can go to the the ACCBasketblog and scroll down and see every day’s consolidation of interesting links.

If you have any energy after that then we’ll take a quick look around at some ACC information:

One of the best school blogs out there is a Boston College blog named Eagle in Atlanta. I’ve enjoyed watching Eagle’s entries and witnessing his bewilderment at the amount of attention that college sports actually receive in the South. Welcome to the ACC.

Clemson’s 2006 football opponents have been announced. Out of conference, the Tigers will battle Florida Atlantic, Louisiana Tech, and traditional foe South Carolina. I’m sure that the visitors will be impressed with the Tigers’ new digs.

FSU has elevated itself from fighting the NCAA’s rulings about its program’s illicit behavior and is now fighting for its mascot.

It is hard to pinpoint any one piece of Georgia Tech news, and why bother when GT Sports Blog is so comprehensive?

Maryland will definitely want to focus on things like breaking down game film after lost its top offensive lineman tore an ACL in practice. OUCH!! The Terps, without any proven skill at quarterback, were already thin on the line.

Miami has lost a player to an intra-squad brawl.

It hasn’t a big secret since practice started, but Ray Brooks and Chip Cross won’t be available to provide some valuable back-up support on the NC State defensive line this year.

Speaking of key help on the defensive line, over at Carolina it looks like John Bunting has learned the Mack Brown method of discipline related to Terry Hunter at the exact same time the Orange County justice system is in full Carolina mode. It will be very interesting to hear Dave Glenn’s comments about Bunting’s record of disciplining the abnormally high number of legal problems that he has encountered in his tenure.

The Wolfpack doesn’t Duke or Virginia this year, so I will take the opportunity to save myself some time today. (Have YOU ever tried to find Duke football news on the internet?!) But, we do play Virginia Tech in the first game of the season. That should be enough for you to do some of your own research.