Football Junkies Happy

I don’t know if you are a Wolfpacker who only surfs the internet during the week while at work or if you also have a computer at home to keep you sane on the weekends. But, whatever kind of Wolfpacker you may be…you may want to do some ‘back-surfing’ through the weekend archives of many of the newspapers in the area.

This past weekend was nothing short of HEAVENLY for college football fans all over the country as almost all of the major newspapers ran college football previews. In the Carolinas, The News & Observer; The Charlotte Observer, Greensboro News & Record; The State; Winston-Salem Journal; and the ACC Area Sports Journal all had some great reads.

Unfortunatley, I didn’t / don’t have time to go to the trouble of linking all of the ACC preview stories that came out this weekend (whatever happened to the comprehensive and timely webruns done by the NC State sites on the internet?), but I wanted to at least draw your attention to the fact that there was a ton of stuff out there this past weekend that you may enjoy?

A few quick observations:

===> Caulton Tudor’s conclusion that the Atlantic Division of the ACC is murky is supported by the fact that almost every media outlet picks the division differently – usually the prediction seems to align itself with the local focus of the writer/paper. For example, Caulton Tudor picks the Wolfpack first and Clemson last in the Atlantic Division whereas Columbia, South Carolina’s The State choose the Tigers above the Pack.

===> We’ve previously highlighted some optimistic thoughts for the Wolfpack’s season, but none were as optimistic as Tudor’s wonderful scenario. If the season plays itself out the way Tudor projects, then Wolfpackers’ appetite should be satisfied for a little bit as the 2006 team will look to rebuild a little after absorbing the losses of the likes of Jay Davis, Tramain Hall, Brian Clark, Sterling Hicks, Manny Lawson, (maybe) Mario Williams, Oliver Hoyte and others.

===> Two particular articles that stuck in my mind this weekend that I wanted to share was the N&O’s feature on Marc Trestman and this informative ACC vs SEC piece from the News & Record.

(I need to be balanced here and commend Jeff Carlton of the N&R for this piece. I usually don’t spend any time reading the N&R because of quality issues planted by Ed Hardin, but Carlton seems to have definitely raised the standards in Greensboro.)