Welcome Boston College!!


Welcome Boston College!!!

Adding some BC-centric knowledge to your bag won’t be difficult, but my hope is that this entry will help make the process more efficient for you. If you spend some time scrolling through these links, then you’ll definitely be more prepared for the Eagles from Chestnut Hill! (But, we are going to call it “Boston” for convenience)

If you’ve never been to Boston, then you really should take advantage of the opportunity that the the Eagles inclusion into the ACC is going to provide. I typically travel to the city about once a year for business, and my wife and I just returned from a 4-day visit of some friends who live just across the river in Charlestown. Unfortunately, State’s November 12th football visit falls on a day that some of our closest friends are getting married and will preclude us from attending the game.

Boston is a fun place to visit that is convenient to maneuver because of its transportation system and the relative smallness of the central (and most historical) part of town. It is definitely one of the cleaner cities in the country, and offers lots of different casual experiences in neighborhoods like Beacon Hill, Back Bay, and the North End. We’re going to leave all political commentary out of the discussion and simply say that the average Wolfpacker will definitely hold very different views than the Bostonians that you will encounter. Of course, you’ve got to try some Chowda!!! while you there. And, this ain’t the “Bogue Sound Clam Chowder” that you can get at The Sanitary in Morehead City.

Thursday, June 30th was Boston College’s last day in the Big East. Eagle in Atlanta provided some great links and commentary a day early….and followed up with more on the Eagles first official day in the ACC. We’ll have to work on getting the News & Observer, the Charlotte Observer, and Winston-Salem Journam worked into Eagle’s rotation so that our new northern friends don’t think all Southern papers are as bad as the News & Record.

Additionally, The ACCASJ shared 10 Things that You May Not Know about Boston College that I found to be interesting. On Thursday, ACCASJ also had some conference related links in their always thorough Cyberwire.