Problems in the ‘Carolinas’

Wow!! What a bad week for our North Carolina and South Carolina friends.

The Roy Williams thing is so big that it doesn’t even need a link. We’ll have much more on this in the future.

But, the bad news does not end there for the Tar Heels.

Last week it was reported that former Tarheel offensive lineman, Kevin Donnalley, obtained NFL-banned steroids through a West Columbia physician at the center of a federal steroids investigation, according to the Charlotte Observer.

Over in Chapel Hill, another Carolina football player was arrested. It will be fun to watch the stiff ‘punishment’ this guy will get in the Orange County court system.

Down in South Carolina, new AD Eric Hyman inherits some old NCAA problems as the Gamecoks admit to 10 total violations and 5 major infractions that took place in the Lou Holtz era. This link is the perfect portal for other links regarding the stuff.

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