Pre-Season ACC Football Links

With the ACC’s football media days wrapping up, I decided that it might be nice to have a central location for pre-season ACC and NC State football links. It will be nice to have an archived link to which I can keep adding. (I wish the comments component of the blog was turned on [we’re still working through some spam issues] so that you could add links…but, we’ll get there.)

===> 2005 ACC Prospectus

===> 2005 NC State Football schedule and discussion

===> Complete 2005 ACC Football Schedule

===> Great Q&A with Chuck Amato.

===> Three Wolfpackers named pre-season All-ACC.

===> The media predicts VPI vs FSU in first ACC Championship Game while others ask who is #1 and Tony Hanes says the race is unpredictable.

===> John Swofford’s State of the Conference interview.

===> NC State’s futue out of conference football opponents

ACC Preseason Media Predictions

Atlantic Division
1. Florida State (522)
2. Boston College (458)
3. NC State (346)
4. Clemson (265)
5. Maryland (222)
6. Wake Forest (119)

Coastal Division
1. Virginia Tech (517)
2. Miami (487)
3. Virginia (356)
4. Georgia Tech (281)
5. North Carolina (197)
6. Duke (94)