Georgia Tech’s Athletic Season

A few weeks ago, we discussed NC State’s Athletics program’s position as #51 in the country and #9 in the ACC. The entry gots lot of talk on PackPride’s Message Boards.

As a follow-up, I thought that I’d throw out a random list of events that happened at Georgia Tech in the last Athletics Season.

I am not going to comment on these events in comparison to NC State’s Athletics Department performance. I think that it may be productive for you to think on your own how NC State should generally compare to a peer program as Tech’s.

Just wanted to put it out there for contemplation…

In 2004-2005, Georgia Tech…

…fielded teams in 17 varsity sports

…14 of 17 programs made postseason play

…had 8 programs ranked in the final Top 25 of their sports

…had 4 programs achieve Top 10 finishes

…had 2 programs (golf & baseball) reached a #1 ranking in their sport

…had 4 programs reach a Top 5 ranking in their sport

…won 3 ACC Tournament Titles

…won 4 ACC Regular season Titles