2005.07.14 CFBall Links

We received a lot of positive comments from some of our previous interesting college football links. So, especially during the slow summer, we will occassionally share some diverse links that hopefully will help fulfill your need for good information as well as some fun items.

Preseason Bowl Prognostications
(1) Following-up their preseason ACC selections, CollegeFootballNews.com has released their Bowl predictions for the coming season. I haven’t studied this yet, but a quick glance produces an initial thumbs up from me regarding the predictions plausibility.

(2) Additionally, don’t pass up our in-depth bowl news and conversation regarding the ACC’s future bowl ties. In addition to the ACC’s recent Bowl News, the Big 12 has been quite active in restructuring their future ties. One relatively major issue rising from the Big 12’s recent moves is the future fate of the Houston Bowl. The Bowl has a lot of potential as Houston’s weather over the holidays is very warm and Reliant Stadium is perhaps the premiere football stadium in the country. But, without a Big 12 tie in the heart of Texas, the bowl would never have a chance to gradually build its way into a prominent destination (like the Peach Bowl has done in the last 20 years). “The Houston Bowl has attempted to upgrade its profile in recent months, changing its start time from a midweek afternoon kickoff the final week of December to 1:30 p.m. on New Year’s Eve. Houston Bowl officials also have discussed increasing the per-team payout from $1.1 million. “

(3) Another thumbs up to Eagle in Atlanta for the realistic view/perspective that he includes in his thoughts on BC’s bowl chances. Great work. In future entries, we may copy this approach for discussion.

Conference Battles
What conference is the best in college football? Last year the Sagarin said that it was the ACC. With the addition of a solid Boston College program and the expected improvement of NC State & Maryland in 2005…then we could very well witness a repeat of this. However, the guy at I’m a Realist has a little different perspective. He deserves major applause for for what he has put together. Interesting, great work!

(1) NC State doesn’t crack any of the Top 50 College Football games for 2005 from VegasInsider.com

(2) We talk about scheduling here often. Matt Hayes is one of my favorite analysts. Let’s put the two together and get Matt Hayes on scheduling.

The Hayes Trifecta
(1) Speaking of Matt Hayes…he speaks about NC State’s defense scoring a lot of points this season as he discusses the fortunes of the coming season.

(2) Ok, let’s go for the Matt Hayes trifecta. As was confirmed last week, the dates for NC State’s games with Pitt seem to be set. Hayes thinks very highly of the direction that Pitt is going.

Florida State Problems
Every year it seems like Florida State experiences some major injury problems to prior to the season. This year looks to be no exception as Antonio Cromartie will miss the 2005 season.

Some analysts were discussing the Seminole’s slide even before the Cromartie injury and Wyatt Sexton’s absence. FSU’s problems obvioulsy provides a wonderful opportunity for NC State to vault into contention for the Atlantic Division Title.

Terrible Nicknames
You know that NC State used to be the Red Terrors. Did you know any of these interesting nicknames that almost were?

Last, but (certainly) not least laugh
We will lead into the fun stuff by starting with Paulwesterdawg’s Top 25. Since polls are inconsequential this early in the season, then this one looks to be as good as any. (Although, Paul’s love of the Bulldogs may be skewing his ratings a little. It’s hard to imagine a team that lost all that the Dawgs lost maintaining a Top 10 status until DJ Shockley shows a little more than he has to this point in his career).

But, the real reason that we send your attention to Paul’s blog is for some of his funnies. What can you say about the entries for PS2 Covers for Florida fans and Tennessee fans. Addtionally, they have recently added Clemson Man as well as the Old Ball Coach.

Man, oh man do I wish some creative Wolfpacker would do one for us with the Tiki Girls.

You can also scroll down to see the following picture in the “Aubies…what can you say” post.