Pack Falls; Sorry, ACC

Logged on to the internet this morning excited to learn how our Wolpack did in the NCAA Baseball Tournament this weekend…the news wasn’t good. Well, actually, at the news just didn’t exist. Which…of course…was how I knew that the Wolfpack lost.

Similar to last week’s ACC Tournament where State won the first round game and then (if you follow the Wolfpack through “The Insiders Look at NC State Athleticsevidentally the tournament came to a halt, losses don’t seem to merit reporting.

State’s 8-3 loss to lower-seeded Creighton on Fridayputs the Wolfpack in losers bracket. The 40-18 Wolfpack will take a three game losing streak into into an elimination game again Illinois-Chicago at 2:05 p.m. EDT on Saturday.

State, who finished 6th in the Atlantic Coast Conference, was one of 7 ACC teams to earn an NCAA Tournament berth this season. The league did very well on Friday, picking up 5 wins. Only NC State and Virginia lost on Friday. Fans are talking about today’s game here.


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