NC State Off Notre Dame’s Schedule

The (Notre Dame vs) Boston College series, set to resume in 2007 after a two-year hiatus, will likely truncate before the next decade rolls around.

(ND’s) penciled-in 2009-10 series with North Carolina State has been erased.

But home-and-homes with Oklahoma and Arizona State in the 2010s have been preserved.

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3 Responses to NC State Off Notre Dame’s Schedule

  1. BJD95 06/26/2005 at 9:02 PM #

    Don’t worry, I’m sure we got a great buyout. Maybe Fowler got a pack of gum, or a canister of Altoids ™. LOL.

    Seriously, this sucks. I don’t think universities have ANY IDEA what they are doing to college football. They are so blinded by revenue and the panic to ensure bowl bids even in the crappiest years that they are literally KILLING the idea of putting forth a good football product.

    Look, I am a college football junkie, and we’ve all seen games added to the television schedule like wild mushrooms. But how will we satisfy TV demand when EVERYBODY is taking the opprtunity with the 12-game season to dumb down their schedules? I want to see Notre Dame vs. NC State, not Notre Dame vs. Rutgers and NC State vs. (insert directional 1-AA or quasi-1-AA school of your choice). It’s bad enough that the Texas/Houston stinkbomb has made primetime TV the last 2 years – what happens when the weekend slate has 4 or 5 turds like that week after week? Yeah, I’ll still look forward to games like Oklahoma/Texas and Michigan/Iowa (both of which I’ll only see because of the pay-per-view package, since the best games sadly end up regionalized on ABC), but my overall level of interest will decline.

    And soon, the revenue stream will start to dry up. Just look at college basketball, where national interest is lukewarm at best except during March madness. How much is TV putting up for regular season packages?

  2. Trout 06/28/2005 at 9:28 AM #

    So UVa and NC State got dropped, UNC remains. What about Ga Tech?

    My suggestion to Fowler: schedule someone just as well known. We were already going to play Notre Dame home and home, so there is no penalty if we try and schedule UGA, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Penn State, Wisconsin, etc. With the 12 game schedule now being legit, seems very doable. If Terry Holland at ECU can convince UVA and Va Tech to do home and homes with ECU, surely NC State can do the same with some of the top football schools in the nation.


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