Bunting Sounds Fowleresque

From the ACC Area Sports Journal:

“Our defense has really made major strides over the spring. We have a chance to be really good. I’ve challenged them. We’ve been in the hundreds (statistically) three straight years. It’s time to get below that this year. In order to win week to week, you’ve got to have a good defense. I know what one looks like, and we’re getting closer.”

— University of North Carolina Football Coach, John Bunting setting an unmeasureable, subjective goal to be “really good” while wanting to have a Top 99 out of approximately 120 defensives in the country.

This quote has it all:

(1) “Really Good” can’t be measured, therefore you can’t fail to achieve it.

(2) Close to setting a goal is being better than than worst 20 defenses in the entire country. I don’t which is worse…setting such an ambiguous goal as “really good”? or trying to quantify the metric by wanting to be better than #100?

(3) Bunting “knows” what a good defense looks like just like Fowler “knows basketball”.

(4) They’re “getting closer”…and, of course, “making progress”, “improving” and “getting closer” is a sign the program is on the right path (unless, of course, the year doesn’t represent progress and then it is time to talk about how good the recruiting is).