Going Back to Two (Important?) Issues

I’m just a little curious about a couple of quick items/questions related to some of the changes on our basketball staff that I have not seen addressed and I wanted to revist on the blog.

I know a lot of folks over on Pack Pride’s message boards have grown to severely dislike my Internet persona…but, I feel as thought that fatigue with my internet-based opinions sometime directly impact the CONTENT of some of (important) issues that I try to discuss. I feel like the following two topics were brushed aside far too quickly by the HSSSers last week and I would like to take this opportunity to revist the topics and invite many Wolfpackers to ‘on record’ with their personal opinions.

(#1) Mark Phelps Question Never Answered
Last week when Herb Sendek announced Archie’s promotion to the staff…I asked a question on the blog (and on the boards) that I felt was insightful, but that I never saw addressed by anyone. I’d just like some clarity from anyone who may have a more educated perspective on this.

Sendek’s press release stated that “Mark Phelps, who has spent the last five years as an assistant coach for the Wolfpack, has been named Director of Scouting and Recruiting Coordinator.”

So — does this move to Director of Scouting and Recruiting Coordinator mean that Phelps has been relieved of his Assistant Coaching position and therefore State still has an open coaching position available?

Does anyone know? This statement is fuzzy and open to a lot of interpretation that certainly was never clarified in the press and I never saw addressed.

(#2) The NBA / Sidney Lowe Conversation
Shortly before the announcement became public, I posted what I felt was a pretty interesting issue related to the NC State Basketball Program’s lack of NBA success over the last decade and how it, if not addressed, will negatively impact the program’s recruiting in the future. I also proposed Sidney Lowe as the primary name that I felt could immediately help our program’s deficiency.

In the HSSS love-fest that followed the announcement of Archie Miller, it was easy for the gang to just close their eyes and ignore this issue.

Therefore, I wanted to elevate it again now that we have had some time to digest the status of our current staff. I’ve heard some really great things about Archie Miller and I think that his addition to the staff is generally a wonderful proposition.

So, the issue isn’t about Archie…the issue is about our program’s position for future recruiting success in light of our direct competition. I would like to hear your opinion on if you think Archie’s addition is enough to mitigate a 10 year problem in the program whose head guy has not changed? (and, I’m obviously wondering if the Phelps announcement is more significant than it looks on the surface). Does another position currently exist on staff that might be used to help with this problem?

So, am I off-base on the significance of our dearth of NBA success on the recruiting trail? What are your opinions about this issue and the way to remedy it (or do you not feel it is an issue at all)?

I really would like to see a lot of people go ‘on record’ about this issue. Thanks.

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5 Responses to Going Back to Two (Important?) Issues

  1. Cardiac95 05/14/2005 at 10:10 AM #

    The NBA issue is most definitely real and many of us have been sounding the alarm for half a decade. Failure to produce even one NBA prospect in 9 seasons at the helm puts us at a serious disadvantage to recruiting true bluechip talent. I’m not even sure that Hodge going this year will help that much in that he likely won’t be a lottery pick & maybe not even a 1st round pick. As a former McDonald’s All-American & ACC Player of the Year, going in the 2nd round as a 4yr Senior would be viewed as quite a disappointment for many of today’s premier recruits.

    As to why this problem exists…..sooner or later we have to recognize that either 1)Herb is not as great a recruiter as we believe OR 2)he & his staff are not as effective at developing talent as those in other programs. If both of those things were true, we’d have seen alot more players matriculate into the NBA. So either one or both must be false since every other ACC program has put at least one player in the NBA over the last 9 years.

    IMO, Herb recruits pretty well…..4 MDAA’s & all but two classes ranked in the Top 25 back me up on that. If you make that leap as well, then that only leaves player development as a possible explanation. But no one wants to hear that.

  2. blpack 05/15/2005 at 9:41 PM #

    It’s a combination of the lack of recruiting great players and developing them once they are on campus. We can get an occasional McAA, but by in large we get system players and hope to compete for a title. Some schools go after the top tier guys, get one or more EVERY year and expect to compete for a title.

  3. BJD95 05/16/2005 at 8:57 AM #

    What this really marks (at least in my mind) is the end of hope. If Evtimov simply decided to graduate and move on, next year’s team could have been a nice combination of skill and athleticism, and Sendek would have no real choice other than to ride Cam, Brack, and Ced. I think the reults of that would be very pleasing, and a full season played in such a manner (rather than just a “Prague Spring” of sorts like the Josh Powell-fueld ACCT run a few years back, or the “Hodge, Cam, and Brack” run at the end of last season) combined with the departure of Hunter could have really opened up the doors for more “standard” players to enter the program.

    But no, here comes another wave of “system players”, apparently – to cement our fate and leave the cupboard bare if we somehow rid ourselves of Sendek in the near future. The future looks more like an even greater emphasis on slow, perimeter-based offense, which will surely retard the devlopment of Gavin Grant and Big Ced.

    But we’ll have plenty of kids that remind the true believers of “real student athletes”, which will vindicate Sendek in their eyes – since the bigtime college sports championship mentality is anathema to them.

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