Finally A Good Article On ACC Bowl Options

One item that you have not really seen in the major media is that the ACC never expanded their bowl alliance when they added Virginia Tech & Miami. Adding 2 top 15 teams, and not adding to the mix of bowls, makes it possible for teams to have great seasons, and go to awful bowl games. Jon Solomon has written an article on the future ACC bowl landscape.

“ACC commissioner John Swofford said Monday the league wants to increase its bowl tie-ins from six games to seven or eight in 2006.

More bowls could be necessary given the ACC’s expansion to 12 teams and the creation of another BCS slot starting in 2006.

The ACC has spoken with the Liberty, Music City and GMAC bowls about creating tie-ins, Mickle said. Also, the Peach Bowl proposed a second game that could involve the ACC.”

Additionally, SFN recently posted a good entry focused on various developments related to the ACC’s bowl situation.

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4 Responses to Finally A Good Article On ACC Bowl Options

  1. Bullish 05/12/2005 at 12:36 PM #

    Liberty or Music City is a heck of lot better than Boise IMO. Memphis or Nashville would be fun for that team’s fans, hopefully State won’t be there much and in a bigger game but those can fun towns and driveable vs. Boise.

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