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Below you’ll find the ESPN experts early season top 25, and my explanation about why its all wrong. I can’t say I’ve done all my research yet, but its not too early to say that these guys are morons. Since I’m not exactly going out on a limb cutting these guys predictions down, I’ll give you a sample of my thoughts afterwards.

Maisel Ford Average
USC 25 25 25 Even I thought these guys
would be ranked #1 in ’05. However,
these guys are still overrated – especially on defense. Somehow CFN actually calls their creampuff
schedule "brutal". What a
Michigan 23 24 23.5 So you lose the best player
off an average Big 10 team and you move up to #2
Texas 24 23 23.5 Vince Young is the best
athelete in college football but should be playing receiver. Brown is a good lobbyist but a bad coach
Iowa 22 21 21.5 Had they not beaten LSU on a
fluke play at the end of last year would they really be ranked this
high. Does anyone really thing two Big
10 teams are top 5 material?
Virginia Tech 20 20 20 Four year senior QB replaced
by someone related to a good QB doesn’t make you a good team. ACC eats them alive.
Florida 21 18 19.5 This rating’s a little high,
but with a little luck, these guys could have been undefeated in the regular
season last year losing 4 games by 7 or less to LSU, UGA, Tenn, & MSU
Tennessee 16 22 19 This will be the best UT
team since 1998. Early schedule is a
nightmare at UF, at LSU, and UGA by 10/8.
Miami 18 17 17.5 I hate them, but they are a
top 5 team. Anything less than
undefeated should be a disappointment
Ohio State 15 19 17 This is the best team in the
Big 10. If they beat Texas they should
win them all.
Louisville 14 16 15 Over-rated weak conference
team. Pathetic schedule earns them Big
East BCS bid.
Auburn 19 9 14 Did anyone notice that
they’re 3 best offensive and 2 best defensive players are in the NFL? 3
losses drops them out of top 20
Florida State 12 14 13 I know nothing about this
team except they didn’t have anyone good enough to take Rix’s job last
year. Expect a few losses.
Georgia 11 12 11.5 David and David are
gone. The leadership drain takes its
toll. At least 3 losses – LSU, UF,
Tenn, Auburn, USC, Ga Tech.
LSU 8 15 11.5 Everyone’s back. If Miles is at least a decent coach, this
is a top 5 team. Best RB’s, WR’s, and
OL in the country. 7 Sr. starters on
Texas A&M 13 8 10.5 Did you see the Cotton
bowl? These guys suck and are ranked
because the media loves Fran
Boise State 7 11 9 Blue Field + Cupcake
schedule = top 25. Have fun in
Oklahoma 17 0 8.5 Adrian Peterson is great,
but he may be the only player off the two deep returning on offense
Arizona State 9 6 7.5 Not impressed last year and
lost their QB
Nebraska 10 0 5 A winning season would be a
huge accomplishment
Texas Tech 0 10 5 Should do well as the Big 12
stinks outside of Austin
Cal 5 4 4.5 Let’s see, lost every decent
player on the team. Cupcake conference
helps, but their in for a big letdown
Fresno State 0 7 3.5 I will not bother rating
Bowling Green 1 5 3 Or them
Wisconsin 6 0 3 Why do people like the Big
10 all of a sudden?
Wyoming 4 1 2.5 These guys must be good they
were able to go 3 – 4 in the Mountain West last year
Alabama 3 0 1.5 This will be an excellent
team (top 10) if Croyle stays healthy
Pittsburgh 0 3 1.5 Weren’t good last year,
won’t be good this year, even in the Big East
Georgia Tech 2 0 1 If I’m only putting 4 ACC
teams in the top 25, Ga Tech is not one of them.
Iowa State 0 2 1 There could be 9 teams in
the Big 12 better than them

In the SEC, LSU, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida will be the four best teams not taking into account schedule. Auburn and Georgia will make up the next tier followed by Arkansas, South Carolina, Ole Miss, MSU, Kentucky, and Vandy in order.

Outside the SEC, USC, Miami, and the winner of the Ohio State/Texas game will be contenders. If Texas loses, the Big 12 has no good teams. Michigan will look like a contender until OSU beats them the last game of the year. The Pac 10 doesn’t have anything outside of USC though some may try to jump on the ASU bandwagon if they play well early. ACC drops pretty big after UM (sorry). No other conference is worth noting.

No SEC team will finish undefeated. Miami has a chance to – even with the championship game. Texas doesn’t. Ohio State could. USC is still overrated somewhat, but their conference and schedule remain a joke so they’ll be undefeated again and again only have to play one good game.

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2 Responses to ESPN Early Top 25

  1. Rick Jernigan 05/13/2005 at 10:47 AM #

    We are going to have an incredible opportunity on September 4th. Sunday night, national TV with VPI in everyone’s top five. The pregame will be all about Vick. If Vick is good enough to beat us in Raleigh in his first game, they may be that good. I just don’t see it either.

  2. Alpha Wolf 05/13/2005 at 12:08 PM #

    If Auburn finishes the year with three losses they will be ranked, no doubt about it. That’s not too bad in THE power conference in college football.

    I also agree about Georgia Tech. They just lost a d-line starter, Reggie Ball is consistently inconsistent, and all it takes to make him fold up is good pressure. I do not subscribe to the defeatist attitude that NCS cannot win in Atlanta, in fact, I think that they will due to the rush and resultant Ball errors.

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