Sendek Hired 9 Years Ago Yesterday

On Thursday, April 18, 1996, the 100th installment of the (new) InfoPack reported on Herb Sendek’s first full day as the new basketball coach at NC State University. S endek was announced the previous day in Reynolds Coliseum.

The following are some random items InfoPack #99 and IP #100 from April 17th and 18th, 1996:

4/17/96 Comments from InfoPack
===> From Pacman: “Just listening to 99.3 Charlotte radio, Jerry Vallencourt. Says NCSU boosters are calling various coaches around the county offering the job. Seems they are very unhappy with the way Turner has handled this and Jerry is blasting Turner for losing control. Jerry says he knows this because he has gotten calls from 3 coaches today wanting to know what is happening in NC.”

===> From St8grad: “Todd did introduce him…He is very analytical. You could tell he was pausing before he made a comment to think it through. He’s a sharp dresser, fairly slim. He honestly appeared to choke up a little when he talked about walking into Reynolds for the first time with all the tradition. I have the impression that he really is honored to be here.”

===> From anon: “He said that if he was 2nd or 3rd choice, it’s better than being 3rd or 4th. Also said he was his wife’s 2nd choice. Funnier than first thought.”

===> From anon: “Herb Sendek? This is the name coach we’ve been waiting to get? Everybody and his brother must have turned down the job before we got to this guy. Hey Trout, what happened to Floyd? Hey Insider, what happened to Carlisimo? Hey Five-O, what happened to Ric Flair? Any of them would have been a bigger name than Herb.”

4/18/96 Comments from InfoPack
===> Of State’s current recruiting class, 6-7 forward Andre McCullom of Whiteville has already said he plans to come despite the coaching change. Tim Wells, a 6-7 forward from Winston-Salem is anyone’s guess (though he’s signed, so State technically could force him to either join the Wolfpack or go without a scholarship immediately after high school.) Justin Gainey, a 5-10 guard from Greensboro, said he would wait and see who the coach is, but his HS coach said very positive things about Sendek after the press conference. Damon Thornton, a 6-7 forward, seems likely to come and 6-10 Mike Mardesich still seems interested.

===> Sendek’s offense is based on establishing the post players first, with a patient offense that picks and chooses instead of running and shooting. He defense is usually an aggressive man-to-man that picks up at half-court. He rarely uses zones.

===> N&O said, “Norm Sloan was smooth off the court and a fiery sideline competitor. Jim Valvano was flamboyant, witty, a salesman. Les Robinson is your friendly, back-slapping, down-home sort. Sendek looks more like a young executive on the way up the ladder. Polite, but no messing around.”

My Praise for Sendek
“It didn’t take Coach Sendek long to make his presence felt and change the direction of the program – in fact he started before he was even announced as coach. The N&O reported as fact the rumors that were on the Chatline yesterday. Seems that Danny Strong, Tino Hunter, Al Pinkins, and Jeremy Hyatt did not make the 7:30am “Introduce the Coach” meeting on time. Sendek proceeded to lock the doors at the beginning of the meeting and not allow the stragglers to enter.

The punishment for the ENTIRE team was a morning run…at 5AM this morning. WAY TO GO HERB!!!!! (I LOVE THIS GUY!!!!!)

No confirmation on the vomitting rumors, but more than one player suffered from exhaustion and showed evidence of their conditioning when they passed out – including Marco Harrison.

I am thoroughly impressed. AWESOME is a better adjective!!! Some people thought that my criticism of the way that Les coached and managed was unwarranted and not based in fact. But, the former leadership’s lack of discipline translated directly to the basketball court and the team’s performance. I relayed to you before that it was common knowledge and customary for all members – coaches AND players – to be late to meetings. Not anymore!!!!…I doubt anybody will be too tired to play the last few minutes of a game next season. What do you think, Osh?”

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  1. Reynolds Rowdie 04/18/2005 at 2:49 PM #

    Nine Years = The longest ongoing robbery in history.

  2. newswolf 04/18/2005 at 2:57 PM #

    He is Gene Keady, we are Purdue. That is OK to some people, not OK to others.

  3. Trout 04/19/2005 at 7:54 AM #

    Ah, the good ole days of the InfoPack and Wolfchat. Back then, they were just about the only internet media around to discuss NC State athletics.

    “Hey Trout, what happened to Floyd? ” LOL! That does make me smile and bring back some memories. Has it really been 9 years?

    Thanks for the look back Jeff.

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