Palmetto State Round-Up

Bad Boys, Bad Boys
It looks like there may be some hope for some repaired relations in the Palmetto State after the big Clemson vs South Carolina brawl of 2004!!

Some former Tiger and Gamecock hoops players have admitted to running a drug ring
out of the pool house of former NBA star, Xavier McDaniel
. The defendants have copped a plea to help reduce their 14-count indictment.

“A Clemson basketball player during the early 1990s and a onetime USC backup pleaded guilty in federal court Wednesday to operating a cocaine and crack ring for at least three years. Two cocaine buys and the cooking of cocaine into more potent crack occurred in a pool house at the Blythewood home of former NBA star Xavier McDaniel, according to FBI agent Michael Stansbury.

Four others also are charged; one is a fugitive, Devin Gray, another former Clemson player who played with Bovain, authorities said. The remaining three are poised to be tried later this spring. Bovain, was a 6-foot-1 a defensive force at Clemson between 1990 and ’94. He finished with 987 points, scoring in double figures 13 times. During hissenior year he averaged 18.5 points, 6.0 rebounds, 3.6 assists and 2.4 steals per game.”

More Problems in Columbia
Did you know that that since Lou Holtz retired as South Carolina’s Head Football Coach that nine of his former players have been arrested and another was kicked off the team for drug use.

Spurrier has not blamed Holtz or his staff for the off-the-field problems, saying Holtz’s players became “my guys” when he took over. But in interviews with more than a dozen USC players and coaches from the Holtz Era, many of them said Holtz is accountable for the environment in which a spate of criminal activity has taken place since he left…

…The other criticism directed at Holtz by some of his former players and coaches is that he was not thorough enough in checking the backgrounds of the Gamecocks’ recruits. Among the five players charged with felonies, one had a criminal record before coming to USC and another was sent home early from a recruiting trip to Alabama because of poor conduct.

How Holtz feels about what has gone on at his old school is unclear. He has not returned repeated phone messages left by The State with family members. East Carolina coach Skip Holtz, a former Gamecocks assistant and Lou’s son, declined comment.

USC athletics director Mike McGee, who hired Holtz and Spurrier, would not assign blame. “None of this is coach Spurrier’s doing,” McGee said, “but it’s also, I think, difficult to start assessing blame.”

===> Clemson’s New Football Uniforms
Note to all current and future coaches: Please do not use kickers, players that do not wear pads, &/or players that wear (insert adjective here) necklaces as models for your new fashion.


First, it looks just awful.

Second, you open yourself up to creative people on the internet who look to wreak havoc on your poor, unsuspecting soul like the following from Pack Pride’s idiot boards…uh…I mean free message boards.


Heck, one poster even took the liberty of changing the poor guy’s allegiance and uniform to one that may be a better traditional fit for him.


Come to think of it…after the experiences that Tommy Bowden’s family has had with the internet, I am surprised that Clemson even has a website. Have you met the coach’s daughter, Lauren Bowden (pictured [in clothes] below)? Have you ever been to

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4 Responses to Palmetto State Round-Up

  1. BJD95 04/07/2005 at 5:39 PM #

    You’re a good man, Jeff. How that ever came 50% out of Tommy Bowden’s DNA, I’ll never understand.

    Holtz has always been dirty. IIRC, he skipped town right before Minnesota went on probation. The football program was in shambles soon thereafter. There were no sanctions for Notre Dame only because of its “Most Favored Nation” status with the NCAA.

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