State graded a C

The Charlotte Observer graded all of the Atlantic Coast Conference teams today.

The Observer handed the Wolfpack a grade of C, with only Virginia and Florida State graded worse. The Wolfpack is a collective 1-2 against the Cavs and Noles this season. In fact, Florida State has not won a basketball game since their January 26th victory in Raleigh against NC State.

“N.C. State (17-11, 7-8): Forgotten after a 3-7 start in the ACC, the Wolfpack has won four of five to perhaps salvage its season. If N.C. State doesn’t make the NCAA tournament, it is playing well enough to win the NIT.”

Interestingly the Observer’s very own Ken Tysiac believes that (perhaps) the primary reason behind NC State fans’ frustration is based on Sendek’s personality and not his poor record. This unquantifiable opinion permeates its way into his work as can be seen in some of his stories. Take for example “Will Sendek Survive?” from February 22, 2005.

In this article, Tysiac was so focused making an editorial comment regarding Sendek’s personality that he literally threw in a quote that seemed to have no “fit” into the flow of the piece when he said, “Sendek doesn’t have the magnetic personality of football coach Chuck Amato or the late basketball coach, Jim Valvano. His fear of providing opponents with bulletin board material and use of clichés (“one game at a time”) don’t win him points with fans or media.”

In light of the Observer ‘s view that Sendek’s season has graded 9th out of 11 ACC schools, I guess that the natural conclusion to make is that the folks at the Observer don’t like the Sendek’s personality, either?