Carolina is BACK…

Carolina is BACK…and I don’t mean in the sense of the overall strength of their program. I think that goes without saying.

In today’s battle with Duke, you would have thought Coach K was in his second year of coaching in the conference against Dean Smith. It is pretty safe to say that the officiating pendulum that has been safely sitting on the Duke sideline for the last few years has quickly swung back to Chapel Hill with their hiring of Roy Williams.

I am nowhere close to a Duke fan…and have been vocal in my opinion that the officiating advantage the Blue Devils have enjoyed in the ACC actually works AGAINST them when the NCAA Tournament rolls around every year.

But, the overall advantage that Duke has experienced in past years is now justification for the jobbing that they got in Chapel Hill today. The STRING of phantom calls the Tar Heels enjoyed today over Duke was amazing. Doubt anything will be made of it…but just make sure that you are never scrapping for a lose ball against Carolina in crunch time.

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