Ability to Bounce Back

I am traveling most of today (hey, I’ve got to work sometime!!!)

The weekend was quite busy on the blog, so I wanted to encourage you to spend some time scrolling down and sifting through some of the stuff that you may have missed.

— We got good news on the NCAA Tournament Bubble front last night as Creighton, who was going to dance irregardless, saved the bubble a bid by knocking off upset minded Southwest Missouri State in the Missouri Valley Conference. Same can be said of Old Dominions win. The general impression amongst college basketball junkies this year is that there aren’t 65 teams worthy of playing in the NCAA.

— As a follow up to ‘Hook Em, the Houston Chronicle ran a nice piece about Texas’ ability to bounce back that focuses on a program with a tough mindset who adjusted to numersous season-ending events to key players. I could only imagine with the Horns could have done if they had lost some of this talent to minor injuries and the flu for only a few games along the way.