2004-2005 NC State BBall by the Numbers

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  1. Clark 03/28/2005 at 10:10 AM #

    Can we get a (4) for games without Bethel, a (5) for games without Collins, a (6) for the WVU game without Hodge?

    Author’s Reply: We can certainly do those notations…only it would make things look a little bad when we also note how State made their late season run without these very same players.

    The whole concept of footnoting injuries is a loser’s game. This is why it is best to leave such a pandora’s box closed. Do we footnote that Duke beat the pants off us in Raleigh without 3 of their players? or what about the fact Carolina did the same without Rashad McCants? Or that BJ Elder wasn’t a part of GT’s team in one of our games and was in his first game back in the second one?

    This is EXACTLY why the injury conversation is so stupid — EVERY team deals with injuries. Heck…Duke and Georgia Tech lost ONE player EACH that missed MORE GAMES THAN ALL OF OUR PLAYERS COMBINED!!!!

    You strap ’em up…and you play them. Over the long haul, all the injuried balance out just like all the bad calls. Unfortunately for the HSSSers…over the long haul our record doesn’t stack up and so they have to look for every little excuse they can to footnote the losses — as if it matters.

    As for Hodge…should we be HONEST about why he missed the West Virginia game and tell the story about his discontent with Sendek behind the scenes or should we swallow the spin machine’s mysterious injury explanation hook, line, and sinker like it seems you did?

  2. James Lawrence 03/28/2005 at 3:14 PM #


    I found a nugget of information this morning that I haven’t seen on PackPride’s free message board. Check out this this article in this morning’s Technician:

    “Although N.C. State suffered a bitter defeat against Wisconsin Friday night, the Wolfpack may not have touched the tournament court if the NCAA’s new academic reform plan had been in place.”

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