Quotes of Note: Fallout from Beating

Lots of fallout from the local media regarding the Wolfpack’s (lack of) “effort” against Carolina.

My general reaction to most of these writers who are suddenly following the lead of John Brasier’s incredible article this weekend is, “Where the hell have you been for the majority of the last nine years?” But, no reason to fight that battle now.

After enduring ESPN’s comments last night, I didn’t know if it could get any worse. (Hey…that’s an improvement!!! At least they are finally talking about us!!! Take a look at this entry I made a few weeks ago to understand what I mean.)

But, newspapers throughout the state were weighing in today and have provided us a host of quotes to archive. The chorus from the North Carolina media resembles the taunting chants of the fans in the Dean Dome last night, “NIT…NIT…NIT”.

News and Observer: Silent Sendek sees State suffer

By halftime, the Heels were rolling 51-32. Sendek had not called a timeout. He had not changed defenses to try and disrupt UNC’s rhythm. He had not said much to the referees, even as the Pack was called for a bundle of early fouls.

Fayetteville Observer: NC State’s season on verge of collapse

The Wolfpack doesn’t defend, doesn’t shoot free throws well, gets worse as the games goes on and doesn’t get much leadership from its senior star. It’s a mix that’s bound to turn the derisive chants of “NIT” from the Tar Heel student section Thursday into a reality come Selection Sunday…

…State has been outscored by nearly eight points per game in the second half during its slump and has blown double-figure leads in three of its five conference losses.

Greensboro News & Record: Plenty of action on the benches, none on the court

And it was one of the worst basketball games in the recent history of this long-standing rivalry…

…Williams sounded like he needed a day off after watching his team win by 24. Sendek sounded like he was in denial. Carolina now heads out on a road trip and State begins its annual dance with the NIT.

The spin control coming out of Raleigh needs to end. State looked terrible against Carolina, and it probably deserves its coach saying so. But that’s not Sendek’s nature. He called a timeout with 1:47 left in the game, down 90-65 with an assortment of subs, walk-ons and football players in the game for North Carolina. State went on a 6-5 tear to end the contest…

…Still, the argument that State is playing hard through adverse times is a reach. State’s just not very good right now. Thursday’s game was a mismatch. Carolina is one of the best teams in the country, and State is one of the worst in the conference.

With a little more than a month left in the season, the Tar Heels must guard against a letdown with games against Duke and UConn looming. State must figure out a way to go 5-3 in the second half of its ACC schedule or start making plans for the NIT.

Winston-Salem Journal: Difficult: Wolfpack looks headed to the NIT

The way Herb Sendek and other coaches do the lobbyists’ math, any team with a break-even ACC record deserves a bid. He’s two games under .500 now, with two home defeats.

“To be 5-3 on the back side, we’ve got to play great basketball, we really do,” Sendek said. “I believe in these guys.”

And how much does he believe in them?

“I love our guys and don’t mind going to battle with them,” Sendek said.

With such a ringing endorsement, maybe State fans should flush the fantasies. The NIT looms almost as surely as Big Apple banners fall from the Clemson rafters.

Sendek’s flimsy nonconference schedule torpedoed State in the computer indexes, and the Wolfpack just recently returned to the top 100. At-large NCAA candidates need rankings among the top 40 and seldom survive without making the top 50.

Unless pigs fly or Hodge starts imitating a lottery pick, State won’t soar that high. The remaining eight-game schedule includes Wake Forest twice, Georgia Tech on the road, Maryland and Carolina at home….

In Coach Roy Williams’ second season, with a tip of the blue cap to deposed recruiter Matt Doherty, the Tar Heels are loaded. The Wolfpack isn’t…

Sendek survived his rocky indoctrination road and those years of standing NIT invitations. State joined Wake Forest and Duke as the only teams with winning ACC records the past three seasons. State reached the ACC final twice and swiped second place from Wake Forest last season.

Now, the train seems headed south. Freshmen Gavin Grant and Andrew Brackman sometimes excite the rabids, and freshman Cedric Simmons approached summer advertising with 11 points here, but flashes can’t illuminate the otherwise dim stage.

There must be reasons for flawed chemistry, but the reasons Sendek cites sound more like excuses. He trotted out injuries and illnesses. Levi Watkins (knee) and Cameron Bennerman (elbow) sat out again. Guard Tony Bethel, recovering from colitis and other problems, started. So did guard Engin Atsur, weakened by a respiratory ailment. “Most of us in the room would be in bed, not even figuring on playing,” Sendek said. “He’s out here playing. You go to war with those kind of kids.”

State’s battle cry: Bring on Virginia. Please.

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    You call it taunting, but at the rate we’re going, “NIT” might be optimistic.

  2. JPS 02/05/2005 at 1:09 AM #

    Hey, JB, I hope you’re reading this. Check out this link. Inevitable.

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