Quote of Note: Gary Williams’ Will

From Duke-Maryland rivalry needs more respect by Jay Bilas:

The Duke-Maryland rivalry is so vicious now in large measure because of the incredible success of Gary Williams. He fought tooth and nail to resurrect the Terps program from the ashes, after sanctions, probation and a television ban that would have buried most programs for years (and caused most coaches to bolt for easier tasks). Williams stayed, and made Maryland into a powerhouse, going to the Final Four in 2001, and winning it all in 2002. The Maryland program has never been better, and no Maryland coach has ever been better.

Follow-up to quote on ACCBasketblog.com:

Sorry about that Herbie, Petey. Better luck on the next job. I, for one, appreciate Gary Williams’ passion. He’s done it through the strength of his own will; hope the next man to take the Maryland job understands that.

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  1. BJD95 02/12/2005 at 8:05 PM #

    Duke/MD is a great rivalry, in that it is one of the few remaining where is truly bad blood. Mix that in with Terrapin fans’ propensity for rioting, and you have quality television.

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