Is Pack Still Feeling Special @ Home?

=> During last week’s win over Maryland, I blogged a halftime entry and a post-game entry that both mentioned how the Wolfpack and the RBC Center seemed kind of “old school” during the game. The fans felt/sounded good. The white uniforms looked crisp. Even Billy Packer was courtside commentating like the old days.

=> Rashad McCants is (supposedly) not playing for the Tar Heels tonight.

=> I don’t know why I feel this way…but this team, this program, this coach has got to be DUE to catch some lightening in a bottle!! We haven’t won consistently in nine years…surely we can find a way to steal a big one every now and then!?!

I am not saying that it is GOING to happen because I don’t like doing the prediction thing…but if the Pack can play tonight with the enthusiasm and energy that we captured last week…then why can’t the Tar Heels come to town grossly over confident and miss their leading scorer against a red hot Wolfpack and a Julius Hodge who is probably looking at tonight as his big opportunity to shine?

Keys for the Pack:
(1) avoid turnovers that lead to easy points for Carolina
(2) sacrifice any thought of fast break points to focus on defensive rebounding
(3) Julius Hodge, Tony Bethel, & Cameron Bennerman have to be relentless in attacking Raymond Felton when the Pack is on offense. Force Felton to make plays and hope to draw him into foul trouble
(4) force Manuel, Scott, and Thomas to hit the outside jumper
(5) find a way to neutralize/slow Sean May/Marvin Williams in the post. It doesn’t have to be foul trouble as long as someone (Jordan Collins? Cedric Simmons?) plays the defensive game of his life
(6) play with passion and enthusiasm that comes from sources other than a day tight compartment, chopping wood, or quoting Buddha
(7) after all of that…hope that Jawad Williams and supporting cast don’t have enough gas to beat us, anyway