RPI Ratings Half Way Through ACC

On January 8th, I logged this entry citing the RPI rankings of Atlantic Coast Conference Teams. Now that we are half the way through the ACC schedule, I thought that we would re-address the info:

(#2) Wake Forest
(#3) Boston College (enters the ACC next year)
(#7) Duke
(#8) North Carolina
(#33) Maryland
(#35) Georgia Tech
(#49) Virginia
(#73) Clemson
(#61) Miami
(#111) Florida State
(#117) NC State
(#133) Virginia Tech

In the similar midseason spirit:
* Dave Sez has run the Prouty Ratings for every player in the ACC at mid-season.

* Charlotte Observer grades ACC teams. State gets a D. They obviously must not like Herb Sendek as a person and therefore are biased and therefore their opinion doesn’t count. (Just trying to figure out how the other side “thinks”.)

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