Entire First Half is a Highlight!!

= > End of the first half and the Pack looks awesome!!! State leads 48-34. The Wolfpack has exhibited more offense than we have seen this year.

= > I have never seen a Herb Sendek team get so many calls. Perhaps Caulton Tudor should offer Herb Sendek public advice more often.

= > I’m watching tonights game from home…so I am not in the RBC. However, the game and the crowd “feel” like old times on the tube. There is energy in both the arena and inside the Pack tonight. Even though we aren’t doing the “throwback” thing…it feels retro tonight. I believe that having Billy Packer as the color analyst on this probably has an impact on the more traditional feel of the game.

= > I haven’t heard the announcers discuss what I think is a major key to our lead right now — rebounding.

= > At times, you have to love Gary Williams as much as you hate him. The Pack led by 17 with just under 8 minutes to go in the first half when Williams reached his boiling point and got called for a technical foul. The technical seemed to even the officiating, but did not translate into a spurt for the Terps. State’s biggest lead of the half was 20 points.

= > Williams went zone for most of the last ten minutes of the first half. It slowed down the Wolfpack’s offensive proficiency, but Maryland was unable to make up points on offense. State’s offensive rebounding on misses created by theTerps zone was key to keeping the lead. Look for more of the zone in the second half and hope that it doesn’t lull us into one of our scoring droughts.

= > Is there any way that we can lobby the ACC front office to schedule us against Maryland after every time that they play Duke?

= > “I have never seen a Maryland team play this soft defensively” – Billy Packer, Raycom JPSports Color Analyst. I’d hate to be in the Maryland locker room at halftime