Adam Gold Begins To Turn On Sendek

Raleigh Sports talkshow host, Adam Gold has begun his shift on fate of Herb Sendek. Gold, who has repeatedly stood by Sendek in the past had the following to say today on his blog.

Two weeks ago, someone called the program and asked me if I thought Herb Sendek was in any danger of losing his job this season. I answered him quickly, “no chance.” But, I did go on to say, “unless this season becomes a disaster.”

Guess what folks, this season has spiraled down the toilet and, at the risk of sounding a little too much like failed democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, the performance of this team quite possibly has put Sendek’s job status in jeopardy.

There is a huge difference between disappointment – where we were a few weeks ago – and disaster – where we are today. It was disappointing to lose at Washington, or at Miami and Virginia Tech, or at home to Duke, or at the Smith Center. But, it’s utterly unacceptable to have lost to St. John’s by twenty, and at home to both Florida State and Virginia. That’s a disaster.

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4 Responses to Adam Gold Begins To Turn On Sendek

  1. Cal Stabn 02/07/2005 at 3:17 PM #

    Gold’s been sent (on his blog at least) the results of the PPride poll showing 88% favor Coach Sendek’s dismissal. I should note that about 900 people have participated, which is a larger sample than many presidential preference polls. I wonder how he will spin that one!

    I agree Gold is trying to save what little face he has (one almost wonders why he bothers) backtracking from his heretofore mulish defense of Coach Sendek. Perhaps even homers can read the handwriting on the wall – if the writing and the wall are large enough, that is.

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