Terps’ Gilchrist Targets Pack

The Washington Times tried to preview Sunday’s State-Maryland game with a an article that I clicked to based on an incorrect assumption that the article would actually be somewhat related to its title – Terps’ Gilchrist Targets Pack. Stupid Me.

This article is very poorly written and has absolutely no flow. Heck, the “Gilchrist” article focused as much on Nik Caner-Medley than on Gilchrist. After discussing Gilchrist’s recent struggles, the article throws in a quick quote from JG related to his feelings after spurning The Wolfpack for the more established, Gary Williams’ program at Maryland:

“I held grudges with N.C. State before, because I didn’t like the way I heard certain things they said about me after I didn’t go to their school, like I was a bad kid,” he said. “If you look at my past games, I got up for N.C. State.”

After providing the reader this cornerstone quote, the author provides no more information or follow-up on Gilchrist’s comments. No big deal. I was just a little disappointed in the quality of this piece.

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4 Responses to Terps’ Gilchrist Targets Pack

  1. David 01/24/2005 at 12:55 PM #

    I understand your frustration with bad writing, but don’t blame writers when headlines don’t match up. Editors write the headlines 99% of the time. Having worked for a newspaper, I can tell you that editors rarely read all of the story (or any of it, if they are really lazy and incompetent). The editor probably read a paragraph and then put the headline on it and the rest of the story didn’t jive.

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